August 7, 2017

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform on the whole of the internet, so you wouldn’t be surprised when I tell you that many businesses around the world promote their products, services and their whole business through video on YouTube. With over 70% of businesses using videos to market their company, then you will be missing out if you were to pass up broadcasting your videos in front of millions of people for free, with a slight chance of making money on the videos, it’s a no brainer.

Content is a massively important role in marketing your business, if you just put out a few sentences on your social media each day, your online presence isn’t going to grow rapidly, on the other hand, if you upload the odd video now and then and add some images along with the text, there is only one way where your social media game is going, and that’s onwards and upwards.

Although making money off YouTube is a lot of hard work and a time-consuming thing, there is a huge possibility that your YouTube channel can generate your make some extra pocket money. By monetizing your videos and placing advertisements on them, YouTube will pay you a small amount of money in return for you letting them put advertisements on your video. By adding YouTube ads, you could try and fund to boost your videos on other social media to get your company either further noticed.

A sneak peak of your newest release, newest product or upcoming offers is a great way to use your YouTube channel to tease your customer and audience base. Getting customers excited about new products and creating a stigma through video is the best way, so they can actually see parts of the product or even get tiny insights of information on the newest products.

Uploading videos consistently to YouTube will work a treat if you want to boost your SEO and make your websites and other social media rank higher in the Google search rankings. These videos will come up in the google searches and gives you the control over keywords and phrases that you list to boost your website. Boosting your SEO is essential so you can gain more visits into your website, therefore, resulting in more customers.

The most important way to use YouTube for business is to give tutorials and information on your products or services on, what they do, how they work and how to do everything on the product. Uploading videos on how to use your products are bound to gain interaction with your customers and target audience, this is because if they do not know how to use the product or don’t know what the service requires it is easily found on the YouTube channel.

Using YouTube to market your business is one of the greatest ways to do so, as it is easy, free and popular. With YouTube gaining billions of views monthly you will be missing out on free advertisements and gaining new customers and a hope, after a while, earning some money off your videos. If you found this blog helpful please be sure to leave some feedback in the comments, thank you for reading.

Limitless Digital – SEO Specialist