Businesses that come to us to talk about video production often think that it is going to be an expensive and drawn out process. That is not the case, creation of a video is a natural three-step process; We take a brief, Collect the footage, Post-production / editing.

If your business has a clear vision of the type of video you are looking to put into production then its even easier to get going! Mind you we like to help you produce the very best video that you can. Working alongside our experienced production team, we will guide you and your team along every step of the way. We are committed to making sure you end up with the very best video results you can have. We also offer motion graphics, music and subtitling services


Want to know the best way to get your website to the top of the search engines? Well, it used to be link building – now Video Production has taken its place and can be 50 times more effective than blog writing and static imagery!

Why is that? Well, seeing as Google owns YouTube there is a link right there, but social signals are far higher from a video, and that means when you share a video with a link to your website Google is getting far more signals. If you make sure it is engaging, people will watch it to the end.

Google measures the time people watch your videos for, that means it is far better to have a 30 second to a 1-minute video where your audience view all or the majority of the content holding their attention than a 5-minute corporate video where they turn off halfway through.

Everything is assigned a ‘relevancy score’ now on the web and video is no exception to the rule, that said it is far easier to get people to watch rather than read. This is why in reality YouTube and Vimeo etc. are so successful.

Even the search results in Google now show video above ordinary static content. Google is afraid of social media platforms Facebook and Instagram taking even more of the search market than they already have – Facebook has stated they intend to pursue a strategy that will mean more than 90% of their content will be video by 2020.

Getting to the point of though, I know absolutely that video has an enormous impact on web design & the search engine listings now in 2019, and 2020 will only see more and more video landing on digital marketing campaigns, social media and the web. If your business feels it needs a boost on the web and could engage better with its customer then coming to us for a video production consultation could be the way forward.

How can I use video production to boost my social media campaigns?

Start the process by making contact with us. We will go through your requirements and suggest a solution to suit your budget. We guarantee a great result and one that will put your competitors in the shade. Our video production services start from as little as £10 a video – yes that is ten pounds a video, great value if you are looking for regular quality content to post to your social media channels and website.

We can talk to you about how best to add content, how to release it across all your digital marketing platforms and extend the reach into customer groups where it is likely to be shared and curated by others in your industry.

The objective is to drive visitors to specially designed landing pages on your website – the content we provide is tailored to increase the numbers of customers who visit your site and convert to order, decreasing your cost of customer acquisition. Video production never was so easy or affordable – contact Limitless today!