We all know the real giants of the social networking world are platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but one that isn’t often talked about a lot is Pinterest. Not many businesses tend to use Pinterest as they might not know enough about it or they think their business may have no need for it. They would be wrong! There are plenty of opportunities available to everyone who chooses to use Pinterest. If you’re not on it, you won’t receive the benefits.

Pinterest has around 150 million active users per month. That’s a lot of potential followers and customers to market to.

Pinterest is really simple to use and get your head around and can make a big impact on your business! It’s not just another social media site, Pinterest is slightly different from the other platforms that are higher up the so-called ‘food chain’. Below I have listed 3 reasons why Pinterest is such a unique and must have a platform to have on your side.

Drives Traffic

Being less known than some of the other social medias out there you might not think it can be a big impact on your businesses website traffic, would you? That is where you are wrong. Pinterest is exceptionally good at increasing the online traffic flow to your website via the use of links attached to uploaded imagery. Early research suggests that Pinterest may be more effective at steering traffic back to a website other than some of the other social platforms out there.

User Engagement

Pinterest in one word is ‘Addictive’ to use for most users. You can spend hours looking through all the unique content the platform has to offer. Like most other social medias where people are more interested in gaining followers, Pinterest users are very content in finding images and ideas that they like and share it with a small group of people. If your imagery and ideas capture the imagination of even a small bunch of users, you can be sure that they will share it with their friends or other users by pinning it to one of their ‘Boards’ so that other users can see it.

One of the main reasons why people find Pinterest so addictive is the simple information it contains. Did you know that the human mind is better at remembering forms of media such as videos and imagery other than blocks of text?

Able to Integrate Other Accounts

Connectivity seems to be a crucial factor for success. The platform allows its users to automatically post new pins to their Facebook news feed for others to see. This means that more people will be able to view your content! If marketers sign up for Pinterest using the same email address which they used to sign up for their business’s Twitter account, they can also post their pins to Twitter.

In short, Pinterest is definitely worth the effort especially if your business is in the creative field!

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