August 13, 2017

Graphic Design is a key factor when creating a business, but is also very undervalued by many businesses out there. When finances aren’t great in a business, the first thing that tends to get cut is the creative funding, leaving businesses with a homemade logo and a rather average brand image. In this article, I will be explaining why graphic design is key to a business.

As the old saying goes ‘You will never get a second chance to make a first impression’. Customers will tend to judge your company at first glance just by looking at your branding. No matter how good the product is, your company will lack in sales if your branding isn’t professional or appealing. Although clean and professional branding can be quite costly, a strong and recognisable brand to customers is priceless.

Customers will look at your design and will usually link your logo with what your company does. The design for a local grocery shop will be completely different to that of a technology firm. Although very drastic comparisons it is true. A natural homegrown food company would have a very detailed, traditional, naturalistic feel with an iconic black and white colour scheme. A strong, original and relatable brand that tells a story will bring more customers into your business as it will be easier to understand what your company is about.

A solid design scheme along with consistency is important if you would like customers to notice your branding. Using an appropriate colour scheme and typeface will help the customer remember the branding. Consistency is key, as it shows professionalism and that’s what the customers want. A memorable branding will help your company out, in the long run, this is due to customers recognising you, even if they are based in a different area to you.

The biggest key factor in business in modern time is competition. Along with pricing, customer service and product quality, being different to your competition is what will give you the upper hand. A creative and a unique brand will help you step above your competition. Being different is very important to your company, whether it’s branding or your product, to succeed you need to be unique!

Along with a strong and professional logo, a modern and a smart website are also very important. A design isn’t all about appearance, an effective design should tempt and persuade customers to click that buy button or look into your product more. Another example is a well-designed brochure will make the customers want to read on, instead of having black text on a boring white background. Enticing designs do have the ability to deliver better results.

So, will you be improving your business brand? Are they any other points that you think are important? Please be sure to let us know in the comments!

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