As a web design company in Doncaster, we have noticed over the course of the last decade, one thing has become very apparent, making your website mobile optimised is the number one way to reach out to your audience. Mobile optimisation is now a huge part of digital marketing and SEO, so why wouldn’t you be mobile optimised? If you’re not yet convinced, then read on to find out the benefits of having a mobile optimised website.

The first benefit of having a mobile optimised site is that it will improve the user’s experience, after all we have all been in the situation where a friend send us a link to a site, you then open the link only to find a jumbled load of unorganised garbage that no one would bother trying to work out. This WILL kill any chance you have of converting that visitor into a returning customer. If the user can’t easily browse and read your content on their mobile phones, then what is the point? They will leave your website uninspired and they will never return.

The next benefit of having a mobile optimised site is that it will increase the average time on your website, as with everything online it’s all about time. You have a limited amount of time to capture a website visitor’s attention. This is even more so the case with mobile devices because users are accessing your websites while out and on the go. If a visitor can navigate your pages and the content is written mobile friendly, you increase the chance of converting visitors into customers.

The next benefit I will discuss with you is that mobile optimisation will decrease your website loading time. Speed is important because as previously mentioned, time is limited. A normal website that isn’t mobile optimised will render very slowly on your mobile devices or in worse case scenarios, it may not load at all. A mobile ready website will load quickly, this is because the code is structured in a way that it is compatible with mobile devices. To prove this point studies have shown mobile users will leave the page if it takes more than 6-10 seconds to load.

The next benefit I will discuss with you is an improvement in your mobile SEO. When it comes to search engine optimisation, we are all slaves to Google whether we want that to be the case or not. If Google wants it, we do it. According to Google, it is recommended webmasters build their sites as responsive, but if that simply is not an option, they prefer your business makes a separate HTML website to serve to mobile users. This will, therefore, increase the likelihood your site will rank well in Google mobile search results thus gaining you more web traffic and more potential sales.

The fifth benefit I will discuss with you is that it will give you a competitive edge over your competition, we try and come up on Google for web design Doncaster – this is a pretty competitive search term, there is a chance that your competition like ours is already ahead of the game with a beautifully crafted and optimised mobile website. But even now at this stage a lot of competitors don’t see the value in mobile optimisation, even though over 60% of web traffic comes from a mobile phone as opposed to desktop. This, therefore, will present a huge opportunity for you to increase your web traffic and therefore increase your potential sales.

The next benefit of being mobile optimised is that it is proven that mobile users spend more than either desktop or tablet users, this isn’t with the amount of money they spend on each individual product but rather the volume of products that they purchase. This is good if you have multiple products up for sale as the chances that they will actively purchase from your company is a lot higher than either desktop or tablet users.

The next benefit of being mobile optimised is that you are prepared for the different behavior from your mobile audience, while theoretically, it’s the same people behind both mobile and desktop traffic, these people tend to behave differently across devices. Despite limited bandwidth, mobile users tend to consume a disproportionately high amount of visual media, with the majority of focus being on short videos and images. Social media sites such as Instagram achieve massive success from offering solely video and images respectively. Capturing this traffic requires an optimised design, harnessing the power of these media types to engage users.

The next benefit of being mobile optimised is that you are prepared no matter how you get the bulk of your conversions, according to surveys 90% of people switch between devices to accomplish a goal. This means that even if desktop handles the bulk of your conversions, users WILL engage with your site via mobile at some point during the sales process. Often, users will browse on their phones while bored, looking for things that interest them, and then move to a desktop to complete the purchase once they have found something that is eye-catching to them. If your site can’t handle every type of screen you will be missing out on sales. GUARANTEED.

One of the big benefits to being properly mobile optimised is coming up in the Google local business listings, for example if you search Web Design Doncaster you should find us – Limitless Digital Limited in the Google local business listing – if you want your business front and centre on Google let us know and we can help you come above your competition.

The final benefit of being mobile optimised is that EVERYONE IS ON MOBILE. We are no longer living in a world where smartphone users can be considered the exceptions. Today 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices. An incredible 80% of all internet users use a smartphone. In other words, if they’re online, they are most likely on their phones. And today’s statistics are only half of the story. These numbers will slowly but surely increase towards mobile being the future of digital marketing. Simply put you NEED to be thinking MOBILE because EVERYONE is on mobile.

So what do you think? Is mobile the future? Or will a newer way of communication take over in the near future? If you are looking for a Doncaster based web designer please get in touch.

I hope this post was an informative read and you have learned a thing or two from reading about mobile optimisation. And remember to make your website optimised for more than just desktop users.

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