September 24, 2017

Whether you’re just starting creating your website or already have one up and running, a perfectly designed site will help you appeal to and impress your target audience.

Good website design can help to improve the flow of navigation, improve customer engagement and help to increase the productivity of the whole site.

To help you on your quest for greatness, I have compiled a list of web designing tips below for you to put into action!

Style Guides

Stuck for ideas on how to improve the design of your site? Well, look no further than style guides. These guides can be found all over the internet. Web designers can create their own style guides for others to use or for themselves to help them on new tasks in the future.

Design Off Screen

Take a step back and get to the drawing board, literally. Taking your eyes off of the virtual screen will help get your creativity flowing!

Large Font Sizes

Large font sizes help draw attention to specific points. This style isn’t by any means new, but it can be a huge help when trying to gain the attention of your viewers! You could put important information or information you would like to be seen first, in bold and or large fonts to make them stand out from the rest of the site’s content.

Create Space

Having too much clutter on the screen in front of other users is a big no-no. A cluttered website can distract your audience from the important information on screen. Spread the contents on your site out to create space and movement as this will allow you to draw the users attention to specific sections on screen. Through this method, you can draw people to certain areas of your site and direct them wherever you want.


Imagery is another important aspect of web design, one you can’t afford to miss out. Having good quality imagery will help to improve the whole visual effect of your site and will get you positive views from your target audience!

Another tip to remember is to keep your images relevant to your business and services you provide to help keep up a professional image.


Having not only a functional website, but a visually appealing web design, is key when it comes to attracting a large user group. Just go with what feels and looks right. Your website will help define your brand to your target audience.

Limitless Digital – SEO Specialists