Videos are one of many ways to interact and engage with your audience. With so many different types of video out there to create it can be hard to find one specific style that best suits your brand. Fortunately, I have put together a brief selection of video styles below to help you choose that little bit easier.


This style of video is one of the most common especially within the limitations of YouTube. They serve as a window of opportunity for your customers/target audience to learn from your business in a new and engaging way. By giving your audience chance to create something you can also hold competitions and pick out the best creations to win things such as discounts on your products. Tutorials open a window of opportunity for your audience to get to know more about how your company goes about creating its products and inspires your audience.

Product Spotlight

Why not put one or two of your products in the spotlight and feature them in a product spotlight video. This style of video allows your audience to get better acquainted with some of your products and it gives them a better feel before they commit to buying from your company.

Product in Action!

As well as showing off your product and giving away information regarding it, why not also show off the ins and outs of how each one of your products functions. Show your audience the best features of your products and how they vary from other brands. Sell by way of example!

Product Comparison

What better way to help up sell your products and business than comparing your brand against other competitors. Compare your brand of product against other similar companies and see how you differ. Try to focus on the positives but throw in a few negatives to keep your review unbiased and fair.

Customer Stories/Experiences

To create more customer engagement why not simply create videos about your customers? This style of video involves your customers directly by having them involved in the creation of the video. Stick a few of your customers in front of the camera and take account of their experiences with your brand and services. This style of video is beneficial for gaining a lot of customer engagement due to them being in the video.


One of the simplest video styles to create is a vlog. Just as the name suggests, this style of video is basically a spoken blog. Vlogs give you the chance to answer any FAQ’s that your audience has been asking regarding your business, services and/or products.


Depending on how you want to portray your business depends on which style of video you go for. Don’t rush into it, take your time on creating content that will benefit your customers/target audience.

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