As you may already know video has now become the number one when it comes to SEO, just by adding videos on a certain subject you can get from nowhere to the top of Google, just like mobile, video is now changing how SEO works and neglecting it can result in a massive drop for your website traffic. So with that said, here are 5 benefits of video and the impact it can have on your website ranking.

The first benefit of video marketing is the growth that you could potentially obtain, the video already at this stage makes up 64% of all internet traffic, and it is forecast to increase to 80% of all website traffic by 2019. The popularity of the video has spread across into advertising and marketing, to give you an idea of how popular video is becoming it is estimated that in the last year around £6 billion will be spent on online video advertising, with spend expected to double over the next 4 years. So your probably thinking how do I get myself to the top with that much competition? The answer consistent content, just putting out one video will not be enough as the subject you are doing it on could be saturated with content already, you need to be the most prominent voice on the subject and the only way you can do this is to post videos consistently on the subject.

Moving onto our next benefit, the effectiveness of video, the reason for videos rapid growth over the last couple of years is its effectiveness. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand images”. One minute of video has been estimated to be worth 1.8 million words of text. But the effectiveness of video goes far beyond volume, even with all the information you cram into a video, customers will still remember a video much more than they would a static image. With it being estimated that 80% of users saying they have watched an online video ad in the past month, with 46% taking some follow-up action, such as looking for more information or visiting the businesses website.

Onto our next benefit, ease of use, whilst there remain some obstacles to using video whether this be a lack of budget or lack of experience, there are ways to simplify video production to overcome these obstacles. One of these changes is that the price of equipment to shoot, edit and distribute the video has dropped drastically.

A good example of this is an advert that was made by Dollar Shave’s Club, the ad was made with just £3600 and managed to generate 12,000 orders within 48 hours. Whilst this may just be an anomaly, it demonstrates that you don’t need to throw millions of pounds at a video in order to be successful. Here are a few tips on how you can make a successful video without having to spend millions on renting locations and spending day after day editing a filming.

The first tip is to use animation, animation is a very popular option amongst businesses, this is simply because you don’t have to do any filming in order to make an animation, it is also very cost effective and will take less time to produce than an actual video. The next tip is to use images, I know I said, that video is worth more than images, but images can still be useful to the video making process. How? A photo montage, of course, a photo montage would be ideal for home furnishing businesses, or art galleries to show off their work without having to film. Another advantage of a photo montage is a simple fact that it is quicker and simpler to edit.

The next benefit of video for your SEO ( search engine optimisation ) is that you can appear for select relevant keywords, you can do this through using keywords for YouTube that are relevant, this will mean that the videos could appear at the top of Google, this, of course, means if you have linked the videos to your website you could get a huge increase in your click through rate. This could, therefore, mean you get a higher amount of sales.

The next tip is to host your video on YouTube, after all, YouTube is on its own, the second largest search engine in a number of search queries. Secondly, YouTube is owned by Google. For local businesses, any exposure on YouTube that will trigger actions such as comments and shares and likes could mean that you could have a vast increase in your sales for your products, or a higher increase in people wanting your services, such as a heating company.

The final tip when creating videos to attract your customers is to use a compelling thumbnail. YouTuber will present 3 screenshots that they think are relevant, but you can also select a shot of a different moment in the video, or upload your image. Choosing the right thumbnail image will make a drastic difference in click through rate. Use high quality, high contrast images that have a 16:9 aspect ratio. Facial close-ups work best. Note that YouTube overlays the video duration in the lower corner of the thumbnail, you need to make sure it does not obstruct anything that is important in the thumbnail. Also, keep in mind that Google uses image recognition to automatically filter out certain imagery, for example, the YouTube logo. Ideally, you want an image that is a great visual representation of your target keyword, this will take your presence in search results even further.

In summary, video posting and marketing will only continue to grow in popularity and accessibility. Consumers like video, use video and remember video. Those are all great components to a successful marketing strategy. It’s also becoming much more affordable and accessible for local businesses. Make sure to use video both for the marketing power it brings and for its increasing importance to your site’s SEO.

Limitless Digital the SEO specialist