October 6, 2017

There are a few technical constraints that can impact the choice of content media types. One of them is when creating a video there is no limit on the length of the video on social media platform Facebook but there is a video length limit on Twitter however on YouTube, there is no length limit at all. Furthermore, when editing video, the software could cause the machine you are using to be overworked and it could freeze leaving you with a lot of static pauses. The same can be said for editing photography for the image content. When researching you may not find the required material to base your blog about which means you will have to register to blog sharing websites which be an additional cost to the budget that maybe you cannot afford. When scrolling blog feeds for content you may not find the up-to-date news within your industry that you were expecting, therefore, this a technical software issue. Furthermore, office devices may not have the capacity to store the content and you may need an external hard drive depending on the size of the budget it does depend on the size of the content you have ready to be stored. In addition, office devices may not be compatible with certain software’s or have the capacity to store software. Costs come into consideration when using different software too.

One of the main techniques that you can achieve good SEO from involving content marketing is using keywords, keywords are relevant to your business industry, your business services and products too. Google and other search engines such as Bing, take the keywords you rank for and use within your content and website and this will help boost website higher but in order to achieve this, you must create high-quality content with frequent use of keywords. Hashtags are great to use on social media especially twitter where you can pinpoint the categories of your content with specific keywords which are used in a hashtag of course. This helps the customer and target audience find the perfect content for them from your business by their searched keywords. Video content helps drive SEO, google always favours video and will naturally rank it higher than text content such as blogs. However, if you use the right amount and the best keywords within your business for the blogs then they will rank high too.

There are multiple types of data that you can collect to measure success this includes using Moz to measure the SEO of the keywords within the content, using MailChimp’s email analytics to measure feedback of customers opening the email and the click-through rate from the email to your business page etc. You can measure social media content engagement in the comments sections, the shares, the likes and the retweet functions, the measurement of engagement can be used through the individual social media platform notifications or through HootSuite streams.

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