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How to turn Twitter Followers into Loyal Repeat Customers

For businesses, social media offers a unique way to increase brand awareness, connect with new and existing customers, and discover what is happening in the community, the world, and in a given industry.


Twitter specifically helps provide efficient customer service in the form of 140-character, real-time responses. Twitter business pages are an integral way to build meaningful connections with your audience. In fact, 85 percent of followers feel more connected with businesses after following them on Twitter. And roughly two thirds of people have discovered a new small business or medium sized business on Twitter.


Whether you have a business page or are thinking about creating one, read these tips and best practices to make sure you’re getting the most out of Twitter.


With a Twitter business page, brands can build meaningful connections with a relevant and engaged audience. Businesses can tap into Twitter in order to:


  • Expand their reach
  • Connect with new and existing customers, brand advocates, and influencers to reach new potential customers
  • Discover what is happening right now in the community
  • Discover what is happening right now around the world
  • Discover what is happening right now in a given industry
  • Provide efficient customer service by quickly responding to support queries and simultaneously developing a great reputation
  • Increase their brand awareness, by regularly engaging with followers & using Twitter ads



Here are a few Twitter statistics for small or medium sized businesses:

  • The average user follows at least five businesses
  • 85% of followers feel more connected with businesses after following them
  • 94% of customers plan to purchase from the small or medium size businesses they follow on twitter
  • 69% of people purchased from a small or medium size business because of something they saw on Twitter
  • 65.8% of US companies used Twitter for marketing purposes in 201
  • 77% of Twitter users feel more positively about brands that respond to their tweets
  • More than half of Twitter users say they have purchased a product they first learned about on Twitter
  • Around 79% of users recommend brands they follow on Twitter
  • 85% of small – or medium-size business Twitter users said it’s important that businesses provide customer support on Twitter

  • 66% of people discover new small businesses and medium-sized businesses


Establish your brand:


  • Customise your brand page with a header, profile and background image
  • Make sure your branding on Twitter is consistent with your branding everywhere else


Use the correct image size and file format


  • Your profile picture should be 400 x 400 pixels
  • The image will be resized to fit if not
  • Your header image should be 1500 x 1500 pixels
  • On a mobile device, it will be cropped to a 2:1 aspect ratio
  • Upload a JPG or PNG file
  • Use the full 140 characters in your bio


Take advantage of the full character count to explain who you are

  • Don’t forget to use hashtags and add a link to your website
  • Create a Content Strategy


Develop an editorial calendar too stay on top of tweets


Show your brand’s personality:

  • Post useful content that demonstrates what you’re all about
  • Make sure you balance original tweets with retweets and replies so followers can really get to know you


Add photos

  • Add images to tweets to create more of an impact
  • Tweets with images get an average of 35% more engagement than tweets without image


Schedule tweets

  • To help keep your feed rolling week after week, schedule posts with tools like Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Buffer, CoTweet and SocialOomph


Shorten links

  • Make a long URL shorter with tools such as Bit.ly, Ow.ly, TinyURL and Bit.do


Use Hashtags

  • These give posts a keyword people can easily search
  • Make sure hashtags are relevant to your brand, services, and products
  • Check first to see if the hashtag has been used before
  • Try a tool like hashtagify.me to find the right hashtag to use


Identify Relevant Keywords

  • Use Google Keyword Planner to choose popular keywords related to your post


Make time for analytics

  • Check out Twitter Analytics for two weeks’ worth of data on your tweets. 
  • Or track tweets with analytics tools such as Hootsuite, TweetStats, Buffer and Tweetreach


Promote your Twitter Handle

  • Feature your Twitter handle on your Website, Marketing Materials and Email Signature


Respond Quickly

  • Twitter is fast paced and followers expect fast feedback
  • Reply to customer service requests and questions asap


Lastly, seek out relevant users and then follow and engage with them. Your business’ Twitter page can help amplify your brand, connect with influencers and customers, demonstrate your personality and help retain loyal repeat customers. Follow these tips to get started.


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