January 4, 2018

Rank No.5 Reddit – Monthly Active Users – (250,000,000)

Reddit allows users to engage in discussions over blog, video and image content which gets rated by the users of the site. This social media platform thrives off the latest trends and even has a controversial section. Reddit has always been about reactions on users uploaded content. You can create community’s based on the location or the specific subject of interest. Reddit has a main feature where users share links to various content sources.

Rank No.4 Twitter –  Monthly Active Users – (330,000,000)

You may be surprised that Twitter is only 4th however it will never be able to compete with YouTube for video content and Instagram for photography content, the appropriate rival is Facebook. Facebook will appeal to a larger audience such as older aged people beyond the age of 45 compared to Twitter’s younger demographic. Twitter’s daily hashtag trends is a major engagement feature and the fact the platform is used by the most famous celebrities is like applying a supercharger to an already high performing engine for the social media platform.

Rank No.3 Instagram – Monthly Active Users – (800,000,000)

Instagram launched in 2010 and has become a photo sharing sensation and has been the heart of trends which has lead to other social media platforms jumping in on the bandwagon. Instagram stories is a prime example of this which is a daily feature of showcasing the user’s life, the content uploaded by users regular contains selfies and videos as well as some stunning photography. You can now tag users and pages in your Instagram stories. This feature has now led to Facebook jumping on the trend which has seen Facebook stories. Ironically the live video service on Facebook has also developed onto Instagram.

Rank No.2 YouTube – Monthly Active Users – (1,500,000,000)

YouTube launched in 2005 and has been a phenomenal success. The core of this platform is videos and the content is hugely popular as there is a topic of interest for everyone on the social media site. YouTube longevity has helped maintain the active users however the rise of YouTubers has increased the active users on the platform to such an elevated level. We all know there is plenty of topics of interest that leads to users subscribing to the YouTubers content. Over the last year YouTube has grown from strength to strength with more videos than ever before and new people taking on the challenge to be a YouTuber. With the trending videos feature you now have instant access to the most viral videos out there daily. So, there is no surprise to see YouTube come 2nd in the most used social media platforms of 2017.

Rank No.1 Facebook – Monthly Active users – (2,070,000,000)

This is no surprise that Facebook is top dog when it comes to the most used major social media platform out there. Facebook launched in 2004 has been a major revelation since, in my opinion essentially being the godfather of the social media platforms today. Facebook has come a long way since because of continuation of updating and creating new trends. One of these trends is live video and Facebook stories which is integrated with its sister platform Facebook Messenger. Facebook has not only become a daily fix for users personally but has a major impact for businesses on Facebook on a daily basis too. For example, Sky Sports have live video streams before the main broadcast of a live sports event on the TV. They also have post reaction to live sports events. Because there is such a large user activity foundation Facebook has naturally had a head start of the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. However, maintaining this not only for the personal use of engaging with friends but also creating marketing campaigns for businesses such as Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads has the features to target specific audiences this where the demographics comes into place and you can pinpoint the right job roles of individuals and you can pinpoint the location of people.

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