October 28, 2017

Graphics design in a creative business.

As a graphics designer, I feel that my job plays a huge part in making a business work. it is crucial because it opens a world of options on how to take simple ideas and make them into something brilliant. In terms of marketing; graphics designers create logos, website imagery and lots of other branding for clients big or small. Two pieces of software used for executing great designs are Adobe’s Illustrator and Indesign, illustrator lets you utilise tools available to make your own images and graphics and InDesign is more for text-based jobs such as creating magazines. Both programmes are outstanding. its all well and good if you can produce a website or start a business but you need to stand out and look amazing to more represent the quality you can provide to a client. that’s where a graphic designer comes in. They have all the tools needed to express a business.

A few tips:

Use Illustrator to create images and graphics, use Indesign to create text-based work.
learn your tools bar. this is important because knowing what every tool available allows you to do tasks faster and loads easier.
I recommend learning all text and shapes tools first.
both programmes remember colour use, fonts etc.
anything you download that’s an image or font is automatically on or can be dragged into both programmes
the scale tool. Shift+Ctrl and pulling the corner of an image lets you scale the picture without pixelating or cropping the image.
Learn what the guidelines mean such as bleed, margin, columns, rows etc.

You will discover working as a graphics designer has its floors. some clients will request your skills to create branding for them. this means you will be left to your own devices and come back to them with something exceptional, the issue? not every client has the eye for it as you do, otherwise, everyone would do it. You as a designer are paid to create what a client requests, meaning sometimes, unfortunately, the design you make doesn’t suit them and changes have to be made, dulling it down potentially to you but making it work for the client.

Personally, I love the fact that people put their business in your hands to make them look good because the work you do is so noticeable. imagine you create a logo for a company and suddenly that company goes big and the work you’ve created is recognised, it opens up the eyes of many more potential clients.

“Put the ball in their park”- want to make your job easier? request they send you imagery they want, this means you don’t have to go searching for imagery that suits them if they can just send you some in the first place; it also means they can’t complain about the imagery used. Clients often don’t realise they have access to files that are used to you, better than you know this for yourself. keep the client updated. this means as you go along you can make the changes they want rather than creating a masterpiece and they turn round and say they wanted the opposite, again making everything easier for you. if you have read this negatively then you are wrong in doing so, just because the client has asked for something specific does not mean they are in control, you are ultimately the one doing the creative aspects so make sure whatever is produced, you are happy with as well. A key part in this is to be congratulated on work you want to be known for.

So there you have it. A small insight of what to expect going into graphics design within a business.

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