October 15, 2017

Benefits of Email Marketing

There are many benefits of email marketing, starting with measuring the email marketing campaign, you can easily do this by tracking the click-through rates to the email and the click-through rates of redirecting the customer to the website. Measurement of this is crucial as you can then analyse which emails were popular & unpopular, furthermore, you can analyse the purpose of the email & if the customer’s reaction was positive or negative to the purpose of the email. From the measured success, you can then improve the content in the emails for the next email campaign or you can change the purpose of the email newsletter. In basic terms the higher the open rates, the more successful a campaign is, however, the real success will be if you can reel in the customer from the email to go to your website.

In addition, another benefit of email marketing is that you can target specific audiences for example if a customer has purchased some shirts you during the registration process before you enter bank details you can have a feature that will automatically add them to the mailing list of weekly email newsletters. This is an advantage because then you can target email campaigns based around shirts and straight away the customers show a passionate interest as they have a keen eye on the brand and product before therefore this means that the customers are more likely to open the emails, click through to the website and share the emails.

Segmenting leads for Email Marketing

Like customer segmentation when you separate your customers into separate groups so you can focus on the characteristics of the customers, email segmentation is when you sperate your mailing list into separate groups which will come down to the differences of age, gender, location & lifestyle and buying behaviour. This allows the emails to be set up with a purpose of products in the emails targeted at a younger age group or products that are targeted at an older age group. Another example can be football shirts for fans of one football club, so emails will be sent out to the customers who have purchased previous football merchandise from the football club and then they will have newsletters informing them of new merchandise for the football club they are fans of. This is all generated and measured through customer behaviour.

Generating leads through Email Marketing

Generating leads through email marketing can be crucial, there are some important techniques that need to be applied, one of those techniques is using ‘BUZZ’ words in the email these Buzzwords are action words such as learn more, register, download and try now. These action words straight away play on the mind of the customer which means they will either click the word to visit the landing page of the requested content that the email will take them too. Social media is a good technique to use to generate leads and this can target not only customers but clients as well, by using a prompt to sign up to the weekly newsletter and pumping this prompt out to all social media platforms so all the customers you have can view the post and consider the newsletter. This is a good method to branch out the power of social media to connect it up to email newsletters. Finally, another crucial method for generating leads for email marketing is having a good and appealing subject line on the email. By having a good subject line, you are teasing the customer and grabbing their attention so then they will open the email to read and find out more about the topic in question in the email newsletter. Including a question in a subject line for the email will trigger the customer’s minds locking in the question and engage by finding out thus opening the email.

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