January 8, 2018

Its another episode of Storytelling in Marketing from us at Limitless Digital Ltd. As specialists in digital marketing, we have a wide range of talent onboard our team which we rely on to deliver a real wow factor to our clients by meeting their needs and going beyond their expectations.

Got your coffee? Then let’s get started.

First, off many of you are asking us, what is Targeted Prose Kira? Seriously? You don’t know? are you a full-time marketing manager? Shame on you! Targeted Prose is prose that is written to match together with your ideal buyer or target audience. Like putting the pieces into place in a jigsaw puzzle, finding the correct prose is important to your digital marketing campaign.

If your target audience is the elderly, you want to take a more careful, refined and dignified approach to your prose with more statistics and information.  If the target audience is teenagers with the attention span of a fish, you should use a more casual and vibrant approach such as including jokes and making fun of the competition.

Research is a basic element of online marketing that all marketing professionals should be well versed in and will need to be aware of the positive and negative impacts of social media marketing It is also essential to your copy and prose for any advertising or marketing you wish to perform effectively. Without knowing your audience, how can you be certain that you will see a return on investment?

Another trick question. Humans are not entirely predictable. Kind of like cats, the research can show your feline friend the door and your prose can entice them through it like a fish dinner but whether or not they stay on the other side and transition from lead to customer is another thing entirely.

Using your research you can target an audience and then tailor the prose to match. Evoking emotional connections is key to establishing a relationship with your customer and there is no better way than to create a conflict they can resonate with emotionally. Join us next time where I will discuss emotion in writing.

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