Hey, we are back. So, where did we leave off? Did you figure out what makes those storyline elements important to modern storytelling marketing? It’s OK if you didn’t. Let’s go through the following diagram.

Commerce is created by conversation, conversation creates potential sales leads.

Leads generate business opportunities. Do you see where I am coming from now? People talking to other people creates commerce. No matter how good your product or service is, if nobody is talking about it then you are going to struggle.

Customers are more in touch now than ever with the explosion of social media and online networking. It’s easier for customers to access reviews, chat, leave feedback and share content than ever before which can make your job of amplification much easier if you get it correct.

Remember, it only takes one person with a few thousand followers on twitter or facebook to mention your brand and your potential reach can jump upwards tremendously.  You never know who might retweet or share your post!

So, how do we get the ball moving on this one Kira? It’s not as difficult as you may think. It’s never too early or late to start! Of course, you can always hire a marketing agency that specialises in Creative Writing such as Limitless Digital Ltd to do it for you! However, should you wish to continue solo then come with me if you want to survive the harsh reality of poor copywriting.

What is a good marketing story?

Lately, companies are using charity to generate engagement. There has been a lot of shouting online about the ‘good’ a company is doing locally or in its community to help average joe out, or sick children or the poor. This is a negative net, where the company or business appeals to people’s sense of morality by showing how they are ‘improving’ the lives of others. It is just one of many angles you can take in your Storytelling approach to engaging and creating conflict.

A good story for marketing is one that interests, engages and draws in the reader, just like in a book. It’s one that makes the potential buyer ask questions and wants to know more. If your audience is not interested they are going to look elsewhere which is the opposite of what you want to happen.

What should a good marketing story contain?

  • Conflict
  • Targeted Prose
  • Emotion
  • Creativity
  • Keyword/phrases

In my next post, I will discuss the conflict, and what that means for creating a story in your marketing campaign that will engage your audience and convert them from leads to customers. Stay with me as we cover all of the above and help you to create a basic marketing story.

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