October 4, 2017

Video advertising and content is the future of digital marketing. With each passing year, media becomes more and more popular amongst marketers and clients. Join the digital revolution and be a part of the future of marketing and introduce your target audience to something new and exciting!

When it comes to video marketing there really is no limitation to what you can create. Whether you already post video content or you’re new to the whole concept, I have put together a brief list below to help you get the ball rolling and add spruce up your content!

The First 30 Seconds…

Unfortunately, the average user doesn’t have a very broad attention span and will judge a video on its first 30 seconds of content. Therefore, it is better to try and get your main points across within the first 30 seconds of your video. Of course, I’m not trying to say that you should add a load of waffle into the rest of your video after the first 30 seconds, no. Make sure all of your video content is full of interesting and valuable content to help keep your audience hooked.

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Humour is Your Friend!

Remember those awkward and painful videos you had to watch at school or during an induction for an earlier job? You may have laughed at the time but you’ve got to admit, the comedy was too forced.

Humour may be your ally when it comes to making video content more entertaining, but too much of it or if that comedy is forced may make your content awkward and cheesy for your viewers to watch. Humour should be used generously to improve the overall quality of the video just like the way imagery helps to improve social posts.

When used correctly, humour/comedy can be the perfect tool to bring everything together and improve your overall content.

Know Your Audience

Your audience is your biggest critique other than yourself! Make sure you keep them in your mind through the whole of your content creation process. Please them and it’s a win-win situation! Listen to what your audience has to say and try to involve their ideas throughout your content to help your business to appeal to as make people as possible.


In the end, as long as you keep your target audience in mind and adhere to what they’d like to see more of, your content will appeal to the masses without fail! Be original and unique – don’t be afraid to do something bonkers as the more interesting your content is, the more people are going to watch and share it.

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