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Many schools can find it challenging to stay relevant and up to date with social media. We know it can be overwhelming and daunting confronting the twin blue giants of Facebook and Twitter, but we can tame the social media beast and bring it in for lessons.

We support a wide range of companies and have a wealth of experience from which we can draw to help your school to build its social media network, be more relevant, advertise and reach the full potential of its social channels. In the modern age, most parents will check social media channels for reviews and interaction before they even think about sending a child to your school. You want to know that your social media channels are portraying your school as a blazing beacon of modern brilliance, not simmering embers of antiquated education.

We can offer your staff full training and assistance in creating social media guidelines and policies to follow when dealing with social media. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter amongst others we can look into for you should you request it.


Do you need to get the word out about an excellent program your school is running? Charity events? After school activities? We can help you to put the word out on the street that your school is the number one choice for independent schooling in your area.

Our school social media marketing service includes other options of digital marketing such as optimisation of your websites copy for search engines, researching and pushing your social media channels to the maximum potential reach they can get to as well as helping your staff to get the word out there.

Social Media for Schools

Does your school need help or a social media policy?

Website Design

Your website needs to be modern, responsive and eye-catching to draw in potential parents to your community. It has to show all the relevant information quickly and in a format that is easy to understand. It should also have support for multiple device types such as mobile, tablet and laptops.

As a professional online digital marketing agency, Limitless Digital Ltd has years of expertise to apply to the re-design the web design of your website. We can tailor the page to your needs including; social media integration, photo galleries, forum boards and calendars.

Creative Design

At Limitless we provide a wide range of Creative Design options for your school. Situated in a magnificent design studio with its impressive windows and light, airy space our relaxing, creative environment brings out the best in our team so that they can deliver original content from the heart.

We can refresh and revitalise your school’s image with our Graphic Designs. From logo design to flyers, posters, banners, pamphlets and brochures our creative team will bring your schools identity to life with a range of options available backed by our Creative Writing.


We will work with you every step of the way to redesign your school’s logo and colour scheme to match your expectations. Our talented creative team will work on your design and create examples to show you what we can do before we move ahead with a full-rebrand service; including website, graphic design and more. We can do a total overhaul of your identity from logo to website.


Are you looking for photography or video work? At Limitless we offer a full range of video/photography services including green screen work and high definition imagery. We film all our footage in 4K resolution providing you with unparalleled quality content for your digital marketing campaigns. All of this can be integrated into your website design and used across school social media channels to promote your school’s message in the best way possible.

We offer staff photographs, student photographs, ambient photography, architectural and event photography. For video, we provide a similar range of content; event videography, promotional videos, YouTube channels and clips for social media.


Our creative team offers proofreading and editing solutions. Have an announcement you want to push? Our school social media marketing can create social engagement for you and generate an increase in activity on your website. Whether it’s press releases, blogs, newsletters or social media we can offer a comprehensive service tailored to meet your needs.

Mobile Websites

More than ever it is crucial for your website to be compatible with smartphone technology. This means a versatile clean design must be created that will display comfortably on mobile phone screens of all sizes.

With the dominance of the internet, the amount of people using it has grown. A recent study from the office of national statistics states that 99% of those aged 16-34 have access to the internet. Since the vast majority of young parents will have access to the internet, it stands to reason that your students are bound to have access to an internet capable smart device including tablets, laptops and phones. You want to be comfortable in the knowledge that your website provides students, parents and teachers alike with a clean and user-friendly experience so they can interact with a platform you are in control of.

Google and other search engines will also penalise your website if it is not adaptable and easy to access. Furthermore, through experience of working with schools, we have found that parents will almost certainly use their mobile phones to research potential new schools while they are in the workplace and the first impression counts, so you need it to shine.

At Limitless we will maximise your opportunities to generate more engagement with your students and parents, grow your school social media connections and massively improve your search engine position. Need something more specialised? We can also offer mobile apps tailored specifically to your needs.

How We Can Help

As a full service agency we can offer a range of digital marketing services for schools

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