Motion graphics is media in motion. What that means is it incorporates creative elements such as illustration, artwork, designs, 3d objects, photography and text into a video format in a way that is engaging and represents the voice of your brand best.

Motion graphics are a fantastic method of conveying a narrative in media; they can be used in digital advertisement, for education, information, corporate or even entertainment. Anything from 2d to 3d can be combined with HD video footage to create an animated media image like a GIF or an HD streaming video.

Motion graphics move. With the internet growing faster and more people on mobile with higher resolution screens, This is fast becoming the go-to format for engaging media delivered directly to your customer's device. Motion graphics are used in websites, apps, commercials, videos, music videos and movies. Motion graphics are also a great way to create video content on a competitive budget too. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let's have a brew to discuss just what our team can do for you.


The graphics in motion are a powerful merging of video and audio with text elements to spark creativity and ignite passion into what would typically be static image content.

A single image is limited in the scale of what it can convey; A single motion graphic can carry across a complex narrative and inject personality into your brand.

Motion graphics can replace pages of text for mobile and desktop consumption; The copy can be there for when you have hooked your customer, but the motion graphic is the line that reels them in and gets them engaging.

Its easy for motion graphics to be consumed. A 2-3 minute video is a modern approach to marketing, and your business can benefit from video content marketing and social media marketing that is engaging without pushing your budget too far.

Motion graphics are a unique, attention-grabbing way to communicate and engage with your audience in a creative way. In a rapidly evolving digital world that is increasingly focused on consuming video content, can you afford to be left behind?


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