There are two major reasons that you need to make sure you have a mobile responsive website so it can be viewed on all mobile devices and tablets;
Google and other search engines will penalise your site if visitors have to ‘zoom’ to read it correctly.

Visitors to your site now expect your site to size correctly and font sizes to adjust accordingly. Otherwise, they will most likely press BACK, and your chance of a sale has gone.

First impressions count – search engines are recording how long visitors stay on your website. If the data consistently shows that your website users’ first impressions are poor and they are therefore leaving your website within the first few seconds, it’s simple your site will suffer and be demoted in the search listings as ‘poor quality.

A mobile responsive website has a very limited amount of space to get your message across and therefore also have to enable your customers to find the information they are looking for straight away. Well placed calls to action and contact details are often overlooked by web designers more concerned with aesthetics than driving conversions to order.
Limitless ensure you maximise your opportunities to convert customers to orders and increase your search engine position – meaning you are listed above your competitors for important search terms.


You are in everyone’s pocket! The importance of making a mobile responsive website cannot be emphasised enough.



The importance of having a mobile responsive website cannot be impressed enough.

3 or 4 years ago it was nowhere near as important as it will be in 2019 & beyond. 

Now more than 75% of visitors to your website will most likely be from potential customers who are searching on their mobile phones.

Make sure they do not have to pinch to view or zoom in to read the text or you risk losing a customer! 

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Why are mobile optimised websites important?