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What is an Online Website Audit and why do I need one?

The basics of digital marketing begin with a website audit online. Any business aiming to increase its online presence needs to first identify the underlying issues with its visibility to the search engines before it can progress.

A website audit identifies problems with your website architecture. As a result, your business learns where it can improve technical site performance which in turn helps with your visibility to search engines such as Google.

What is involved in a Website Audit?

A website auditing process can be a lengthy one. It involves a detailed check of;


  • User engagement
  • User experience
  • Site traffic
  • Site health
  • Site security
  • Functionality
  • Web design performance


A full audit discovers problems that may result in Google penalties. Google penalties can damage your ranking on the Google search engine rankings page (SERP) which means that no matter how good your SEO is, you will be losing out because people can’t see your website on Google.  

What is involved in a Website Audit? | Limitless Digital - web design Doncaster

How can we help you?

As the Doncaster digital marketing experts Limitless have access to the tools that you need to succeed. Whether its web design help, creative design, social media or digital marketing our experienced team has the solutions you need.


As part of our commitment to providing excellent service just enter your details on the form provided to receive your free website audit today. Our free site audit tool will analyse your website and perform a website audit online, so you don’t have to; saving you time, resources, money and manpower.


Once you have identified the issues, you can work to fix them. Alternatively, hire a professional Doncaster digital marketing agency like Limitless Digital. We will work with you, providing training and our expertise to help boost your websites search ranking. Give us a call on 01302 238 057 and let’s have a chat.

How can we help you? | Limitless Digital - web design Doncaster