Over the last few years’ email marketing has taken a back seat to social media.

Remember that perhaps 5 – 10 years ago the primary method of driving visitors to your website was search engine optimisation (being on the first page of Google for your chosen search terms) or email marketing.

Have we somewhat forgotten how engaging a direct email can be?


We can help your business drive visitors to your website, digital marketing platforms, social media channels simply using beautifully designed HTML emails.

Need an email list creating – we can help there as well integrating into your website and customer data collection records.
Please contact us for a quote, it is probably cheaper than you imagine.


What happened to the benefits of using a direct email?

With social media, your message is often there and gone, and perhaps you are catching a potential customer at a time when they are not in ‘business mode’. Bear in mind I am talking B2B marketing here as it is illegal to market directly into the email of individuals who have not subscribed and explicitly requested your marketing.
B2B email marketing puts your message in the pocket of your customer. Most of us these days have email on our phones, so your message is straight into someone’s inbox. There are several considerations though which you need to take into account when sending emails;

Text to image ratio: too many images and a low percentage of text and your email is likely to end up in your recipients’ trash folder.
Hot words and links: Words such as ‘Offer’ and ‘Free’ can equally destine your email to fall foul of the trash filters. Equally including too many links to your website can cause deliverability problems.
Calls to action: Making sure your message is clear, and the step which you want the customer to take is right there in their face – pushing them to visit your website or call.
Testing in various email clients: Make sure your email looks great on multiple popular email clients – including mobile platforms.
Split test: Test different subject lines and content to ascertain what works with your list. Small adjustments to your subjects and content can give much higher click-through rates and opens.
Manage your list and send from a trusted domain: Make sure your emails are sent out from a trusted source – we can make sure your domain is authorised for sending, meaning higher deliverability. Remove the unsubscribes from your list and include links to do so in your send.
Great design: Send out crafted beautiful looking HTML emails – you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your potential customer.
Personalise the content: We can make sure that your customer’s names and business are referenced in your email – improving open rates and converting more business for you.


Planning your digital marketing activity ONLY works when it is integrated as part of your full marketing plan – that may seem obvious, but still, we see most businesses considering social as an ‘afterthought’ or leaving it to a junior member of staff to ‘make sure they update Twitter and Facebook’.

It’s now possible to promote to extremely focused audiences – please DON’T use that ‘Boost’ button on Facebook anymore – you are just not getting the value your business can achieve or deserves. As an agency we have access to our own interfaces with the social networks – these provide far more detailed targeting and improved value for money. For example, you can drill down to particular interests, a campaign we ran recently for a nursery school targeted women with children aged 3 – 4 who lived within 3 miles of their location and had recently moved into the area. You can target very specific interests and even potential customers who have expressed an interest in your competitors.