A digital marketing service is the present & the future

Over the last three years, the traditional marketing department has had to evolve – and there is nothing to say that the speed at which a digital marketing service will slow down.

We have helped all sorts of business take advantage of online marketing from plumbers to household name restaurants / international brands.

We have digital marketing service packages to suit all business types.


The first step is to take the plunge and have Limitless prepare you a detailed digital marketing service suggestion/analysis and competitor benchmarking presentation.

Once we have established a full list of all the recommendations for your business, you will be in a position to see where Limitless can help you best.

Please contact us for your personalised report.


We are thrilled to train your internal staff to carry out as much of the digital marketing function as possible, in fact, we find that the more you can accomplish internally the more you save regarding fees and the better the results in the long term.

This may sound counter-intuitive – in that, we are ‘doing ourselves out of work’, but doing digital marketing work means leaving the technical and some of the creative to us while we help you change the culture within your company, so your entire organisation buys into promoting the business online. The most successful companies will embrace a digital marketing service throughout their full marketing efforts – we can take away some of the daily grinds with our social media packages and manage the technical side of your search engine optimisation (SEO) – You and your staff know your market the best, we can assist and support where required.


Planning your digital marketing activity ONLY works appropriately as part of your full marketing plan – that may seem obvious, but still, we see most businesses considering social media as an ‘afterthought’ or leaving it to a junior member of staff to ‘make sure they update Twitter and Facebook’.

It is now possible to promote to extremely focused audiences – please DON’T use that ‘Boost’ button on Facebook anymore – you are just not getting the value your business can achieve or deserves. As an agency we have access to our own interfaces with the social networks – these provide far more detailed targeting and improved value for money. For example, you can drill down to very specific interests, a campaign we ran recently for a nursery school targeted women with children aged 3 – 4 who lived within 3 miles of their location and had recently posted that they were looking for an alternative nursery school.

What's the best method of digital marketing?


Need training in any aspect of digital marketing from beginner to expert – please get in touch with us for pricing.

Great Digital Marketing agency. Enjoy getting the weekly reports to see and track our progress.

Amy Keighley

Simon is an incredible digital marketing professional. Over the past 12 months he's really helped me build my strategy and given great guidance. Very much recommend him and his team.

Benjamin Southall

They are amazing

David Parker