Legal Firms are taking advantage of and deploying a website chatbot to streamline customer service, save time, cut resource and internal processes – after all a live website chatbot can conceivably handle 100’s or 1000’s of customers simultaneously.

Gartner predicts that by 2020 more than 85% of customer interactions will not include a human being, intelligent bots and the increase in artificial intelligence (AI) are already possible. Soon they will be commonplace.

Chatbots initially emerged early in 2016 as the interactive and friendly face of AI in business, here at Limitless with our links into the legal and law industry we began building early bots for legal such as LawyerBot and LawBot.

This year the growth and demand for chatbots continue as consumer and enterprise messaging platforms open their web design for website chatbot integration. We all know how slow response rates on web-chats can be frustrating for customers – intelligent website chatbots can solve that problem and as AI improves businesses can integrate the data and responses to get ever closer to their customers.

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Implementing a website chatbot will make your customer services operation immediately scalable as they bring the ability to handle thousands of interactions per second without the need to employ extra staff. As we continue to improve AI it is possible to anticipate customer requirements and take them on a journey towards your goals, be that enquiry, survey or actual human interaction where required.

Legal website chatbots can, for example, be very specific and targeted – obviously, an advantage is that a chatbot will never give any incorrect or vague advice. Where a bot is used, it can self-learn, and operators can select further queries that customers ask to improve future response. Furthermore, your chatbot can act as a virtual receptionist.

If you are considering a legal chatbot for your law firm, please get in touch, we build your law bot and work alongside your teams to ensure you receive a finely tuned chatbot that works exactly the way you envisaged it. We also build in future-proofing to make sure your business is always ahead of the competition.

We aim to make your business better, and chatbots are making processes far more efficient. We look forward to speaking about your project.

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Great for engagement, let a bot do the hard work!
Benefits for the legal industry, a lawyer bot will never provide any incorrect information and is working 24 hours a day!
Artificial Intelligence is improving all the time, and now we can get much more than simple Q&A. Try our bot below; this is a very simple “medical negligence” bot – we design and expand on the simple version to produce custom intelligent ever-evolving legal bot for you.


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