Instagram’s New Video Channel – IGTV

July 15, 2018

As times move forward so does technology. As you may have noticed by now, Instagram has added a new menu bar to the top of its application. Instagram now has an official app, especially for videos. You can now post hour long video

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Twitter to Remove Millions of Accounts from Follower Numbers as Part of New Push

July 14, 2018

You remember that random person you see appear in your twitter as a suggested person to follow, that has around 30-50k followers, that tweets a tonne of random garbage? Surely you must know what I am talking about, the person that

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5 Tips When Making a Great Promo Video

July 13, 2018

So, you want to make a truly great promo video, yes? One that will promote your business in the right light but will also excite the audience and really get them thinking. There are several elements that, when put together, can re

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What is Answer Engine Optimisation?

July 12, 2018

SEO has been around since the 90’s and after more than two decades it is still with us, but with the evolution of technology and the dawn of a faster paced digital world, it has brought along a new type of digital marketing. The

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Anticipating the Top 3 Social Media Updates of 2019

July 11, 2018

Now, before I get this blog underway, I am aware that we are still only halfway into 2018, but all I need to say to people with no hindsight, or pre-planning, is good luck getting your business anywhere when you don’t have a clu

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