August 24, 2017

There is a lot of common misunderstandings about how social media and SEO link, and work together. Social Media and SEO isn’t about creating great and entertaining content, it’s more about promoting the content you post out so you achieve the right results. Consider it this way, the more money you put into your social media, the larger the return, whether that be more interaction, likes, followers or even sales. Here are 5 things you need to know about social media and SEO.

This may come at a surprise to you, but, social media isn’t all about the followers or likes you have. Having the correct activity, engagement and advertising campaign will get you the results you want, not just base your social media on your current followers but get new followers in as well as promoting your service or product. So, try to base your content on gaining new followers as well as keeping your current followers updated with fresh, new, entertaining content.

You may have heard a few rumours about this next fact but I can confirm it is true. Twitter and Google are working together. Google bots go out and search for the very latest topic and if you tweet it, you will probably rank first in Google search. If more relevant information can be found, your tweet will be put down the ranks and will be replaced with more relevant tweets.

Google is constantly looking for diversity in the links on your site, so social media will always encourage this. It is important that all links are your own of course so google cannot get in any copyright trouble and neither can your company. If you do upload copyrighted content you will more than likely appear lower in the SEO rankings.

Uploading content is the answer to every one of your SEO problems. Posting regular high-quality content can increase your brand presence by up to 90% studies show. This sounds good, doesn’t it? Well it could be, but it could carry a heavy warning, however, there is one trick, you will need SMO (social media optimisation) and an SEO specialist to help you along with this as it is truly an art.

Pushing your product or your services to your target audience all the time will end up pushing them away and thinking you are just after sales. This will send your current customers to your competitors, so focus on making them stay with high-quality content which isn’t always promoting your brand. Identifying their passions and fulfil their needs, then the selling should come to a lot easier.

Did you already know any of these social media and SEO tips? If so please be sure to drop a comment on which ones you knew! Social media is a whole new world for companies with no experience with it, it can be scary at first but after learning the ropes the rest comes easy and it will become second nature to post advertisements and keep up with your customer base.

Limitless Digital – SEO Specialist