So, you may have heard that Twitter have updated their character to allow people to now type double the amount they were previously, but is that good or bad news for you and your business? We share the pros and cons of Twitter’s new 280-character limit.


More Users – One of Twitter’s primary reasons for the change to the character limit is to attract more users. This is good news for marketers, because more users means more followers – which means more potential customers, and more people seeing and sharing your content.

More Ad Space – Most social media marketers would probably agree that the 140-character limit can be quite difficult to work around. Now with 280 characters to work with, marketers have new freedoms to potentially revolutionise how Twitter is used.

More Accessibility – Twitter is already extremely widespread; in fact, 83% of the 1993 UN member countries have a Twitter presence. Having a higher character limit means that its now easier than ever to thoroughly convey a message to followers from all corners of the world.

More Users – While having more users can be a good thing, it can also work against you. With more users creating content, it’s very likely that some people might not even see your material given the sheer volume of content associated with the increase in users.

More resources required – Having a higher character limit means that more time, effort and money will probably need to go into the content you share. Successful marketers are still going to need to maintain that same wit their Twitter followers have come to expect, but now they are going to have to double their efforts.

Longer Boring Tweets – It will be easy to get in on Twitter marketing, but it will be more challenging and complicated than ever to master it with 280 characters. Having too many characters to work with can definitely be a problem when trying to keep your content interesting.

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