Want to use Snapchat to market your business? sure, why not. It’s the darling of the social media landscape. First, wrap your head around some numbers. As of October, it has 150 million daily active users. Every second, 9000 snaps are posted attracting 10 billion daily views.

You want a slice of the action. You want to get a reaction. You want to get people talking, racing to your website, buying your products and all the rest. Unfortunately, you are not the only one.

Here are our 5 tips on using Snapchat for marketing.

Know your Snapchat Audience

It is a marketing perennial. But success on Snapchat means knowing as much as possible about your audience. That is how you create content that resonates. Snapchat’s demographic has traditionally been young folk in their teens and twenties. But that is changing, with an older demographic using Snapchat in increasing numbers.

Stay true to the audience you want to attract. Monitor the type of tribe you gather as you step deeper into the Snapchat seas, then tweak your strategy accordingly.

Know your Platform

Right, so you are just going to bowl headlong into your Snapchat debut with the company account? Probably not wise. Get a personal account first. Follow some of your friends and favourite brands to get a feel for how others use it. You will soon find your way.

Snapchat is famed for its ephemeral, self-destructing messages. But this platform is not as transient as you might think. There is no timeline in Snapchat. Messages to your followers stay in their inbox until they are opened. So, whereas with other social platforms your content is quickly confined to history, your message is actually stickier.

Sure, your content is lost forever once it is opened. But some marketing experts argue that this ensures users pay more attention to snaps, whether they receive them from their mother, their brother or their favourite brand.

Be Creative

Find your own style. And remember: there is no such thing as a boring topic, just boring content writers. See point three in an article by a Snapchat Journalist for tips on producing more engaging content.

Stop being a perfectionist

The simplicity of Snapchat allows you to create short, light hearted videos without calling on expensive production resources. That is the point. If your videos don’t feel raw, organic, off the cuff, somewhat rickety, you’re probably doing it wrong. Leave your Hollywood production values at the door.


We have said it before and we will say it again. Great marketing is a conversation. Comment on your followers’ snaps. Create dialogue. Be part of the social movement. It is not about shouting as loud as you can, for as long as you can, and expecting people to listen.

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