August 6, 2017

We all know the benefits of having a well updated YouTube channel bursting with excellent quality insightful content. You do need links to your social media platforms & your website pages with the videos, however, the most interesting technique you can use to engage the viewer other than the video itself is playlists. Creating playlists provides the power to improve your SEO rankings & keyword strategies, this is all because of the option to attach a chain of videos together that are relevant based on the specific subject area that the content is covering.

This is a crucial feature for video marketing & unleashing your brands potential reach. By creating a list of videos to be attached to a playlist creates a domino effect where the consumer will be watching video after video and this creates a lengthy session the consumer is spending on your channel. Not only is this helpful to converting the consumers to your website & through to the potential conversions of your products or services, it’s also crucial as YouTube analyses how long you watch a video basically analysing the attention span of a viewer than they can acquire this data to target specific audiences etc. But by creating a playlist of little 1-minute videos it will be quirky, with the right amount of facts and benefits, unlike a saturated 4-minute video where the consumer’s attention span can begin to zone out.

Playlists can provide better rankings and boost your brand’s online exposure. As touched on previously YouTube not only check the viewing time of the viewer watching the video but they also monitor how long your YouTube session is after you have watched the video. This therefore proves how crucial it is to have a playlist as it lets the consumer sit back and watch video after video without having to click onto a new one this means that it increases the likelihood of every video content that is provided on the channel being watched and this will also increase the amount of time they spend on the site and more importantly your YouTube channel. Your playlists will then catch the eye and be looked upon favourably by YouTube’s watch time algorithm. More, reason why playlists hold the power to the consumer’s attention is the fact that YouTube search results bring up playlists as well as videos themselves, and google also bring up playlists in the suggested video sections. Just think about it knowing that you can have a playlist providing ten videos of your creative informative content instead of just one of your videos appearing the search results.

In addition, playlists can target new keywords as you can create a playlist for a short tail keyword and then let your videos within the playlist target the longer tail keywords which are specific to the topic category you are providing the content about.

Now it’s all good knowing how the playlist can benefit you but how are you going to set about promoting the playlist? Create a small intro video for the playlist if the playlist videos need more level of an understanding for the viewer which is a snappy head up for the viewer which fills them in before they start watching the videos. The intro video only needs to be 20 seconds long no need to create a proper video length feature for this as then it will bore the viewer. Secondly, you can only use one thumbnail to be the main thumbnail for the entire playlist so make sure you create an interesting thumbnail that pulls viewers in. Playlists are also flexible as they allow you to choose the start point and end of a video in the playlist which is perfect for selecting specific content in the videos and moving onto the next one, this helps when selecting the relevant parts of the video to keep a consistency to your playlist subject. Creating a metadata for your playlists will be crucial to your playlist as you can edit the titles and the descriptions this will boost the relevancy of your playlist. The titles will need to be catchy and the descriptions need to feature keywords that you want to target.

You can promote the playlist by sharing it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Furthermore, put the playlist on your channel page and embed it on to your website too.

Now go ahead unleash the power and magic of engaging video content.

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