August 11, 2017

To withdraw your audience into your YouTube videos, there is nothing more important than adding the best video title you can to withdraw an audience into watching your video. We all can say that we read the title of a video and judging the video before we even watch it, people will do this to your video, therefore, we should try to perfect the art of YouTube titling. Every YouTube video appears on a page with its own custom URL, if you word the title, tags and description right you will have more of a chance of appearing on the front page, therefore attracting more and more of an audience. Here are a few steps to help you get the perfect title for your YouTube video.

Step One: The main and most important step is to make your video title click worthy. This means that you will need a title which makes the viewer think that the video is worth their time watching and is either interesting, funny or causing curiosity. Whilst keeping the title relevant to what the video is about making viewers want to watch your video is what the main factor comes down too.

Step Two: Pitching value in your title is another important step, this is so people know what your video is about and what they will be watching. A way to do this is so very simple, all you need to do is write what the video is about, keeping it simple, however, this isn’t very enticing. Another way you could do this is to add an enticing catch to the title whilst still telling the audience what they’re watching.

Step Three: Teasing your viewers in your title is possibly the best way to get viewers into your YouTube video. Give the viewers a quick hint into what they are about to watch whilst not giving too much away. This will work because it will make the viewers think what the video is about, which will lead to them clicking on to it.

Step Four: This step is a controversial one, but you need to worry the viewers, obviously without scaring them off. For example, a title about YouTube tips and tricks could be also titled as ‘ARE YOU MAKING THESE YOUTUBE MISTAKES?’. This will make the audience think that they are doing something wrong and that they are curious to what they are doing, therefore leading them to click on the video.

Step Five: The final step, if your video is an exciting, funny or even a video trying to cause curiosity, then you should use capital letters throughout the title to make it more exciting, this will entice the viewer to click on the video and watch it.

Video titles are the main way to attract viewers into clicking onto your videos, so if you want your YouTube channel to succeed then follow our simple steps so you can have a slight advantage on other channels out there. Will you be using these tips when you upload a video? If so, be sure to leave a comment down below!

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