August 15, 2017

There are plenty of well-known and underrated online tools for graphic designers on the internet. Whether you are just finding your feet in the design industry and are looking for new tools or you an experienced designer looking for little tricks to improve your work. These very easily accessible online tools will change your personal graphic design game and improve the graphics you create drastically if they are used to their full potential.

Ever wanted to design a website but have never learned any sort of code and have no clue on what you are doing? Well with modern technology progressing massively you can design a website without using any code at all. With Webydo you can design, manage your content and publish all without using one single piece of code. So, if you are a budding web designer this is one to watch out for.

If you have shared your design with your friends on social media before you know it takes the time to write captions, switch between different social medias. The ‘Photoshop Share Plugin’ can assist you with this by sharing your designs onto all your social medias at once, saving you time. Be warned, this is not a web resource, this is a plugin so a downloaded will be needed to use this piece of software.

Whilst designing for commercial purposes trying to find free images has got to be one of the most difficult things you can do, even when you have found the perfect image it either has a watermark on it or took you hours to find in the first place. Freeimages.com could be the answer to all your problems, with 400,000 FREE photos to use you can find your perfect image to use within minutes.

As a graphic designer typeface is the most important thing when it comes to producing a decent graphic. When browsing the web for inspiration, there are 1000s of good looking fonts that you come across but you never know the name to any of them, well at least I can’t. WhatTheFont allows you to post a picture of the font at it will recognise it and tell you to want font it is along with payment options.

When making a grid finding a place to buy grid paper is a struggle and it should be a lot easier than going to your local store. Gridzzly is a web based grid paper provider, all you need to do is open the web page and choose your grid settings. It then allows you to print it onto plain A4 paper, completely free of charge. You are saving money and time if you chose to use Gridzzly, so I highly recommend it.

After reading this article will you be using or downloading any of the web sites or plugins which I have mentioned today? If so be sure to comment which ones you will be using in the comment section! What is your favourite? Mine personally is Gridzzly, comment yours.

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