When building a website mobile optimisation really should be the first thing that comes to mind especially in the year 2017, If you haven’t got a website that supports mobile responsiveness you are missing out on more sales conversions and more customer traffic to your business website.
Make sure you are not turning mobile users away as there is an increase in the number of website visitors on mobile phones year by year, 4 years ago it wasn’t important – now it is and you need to make sure you are not falling behind your competitors.

The targeted features on your website that needs to adjusted for mobile users are a linear page design, page speed and enhanced zoom on text, images & links. Furthermore, contact details are overlooked in the planning process for a mobile optimised site, contact details is a page that should be easily accessible for the viewing of mobile users. Also decreasing the number of pages on your website will have a benefit on the site for mobile users, as you will categorise your service, products, contact, about us, and news page into smaller sections. Another crucial benefit will be to shorten the length of text on a web page, as mobile users will not be wanting to scroll down a massive piece of text which is like scrolling down into the depths of the ocean – Oh and make sure the users don’t have to pinch to view the text that might help.

You will embrace the benefits as google ranks mobile optimised sites higher in the search rankings meaning you will be an attractive link to mobile users who will be looking to visit your website. Otherwise, Google and other search engines such as Bing will penalise your site if mobile visitors have to zoom in to read your text and interact with the website properly. In addition having a mobile optimised site will benefit your customer traffic as your bounce rate (which is customers leaving the site after a few seconds) will decrease rapidly otherwise your website will have a negative impact and will be demoted in the rankings which will harm your order conversions.
Business growth will increase through this crucial factor within your online presence as mobile optimised site will increase more traffic especially from the number one most used device in the world, which improve your brand visibility and more importantly increase the number of conversions from site visits to orders be placed.

This is all because mobile is portable and can be used everywhere, therefore, making your website more accessible. Also, this will outrank your competitors with more customer traffic simply by grabbing the customers attention and making your site more professional and flexible.

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