October 31, 2017

Should advertisers spend their time and money on longer YouTube ads, or will it be better to have shorter ads to save them from making a mistake? While media experts debate the strengths of different lengths, it appears that longer ads go a longer way toward achieving your marketing goals.

When investing in YouTube advertising, brands can’t afford to make a mistake about the length of their video ads. Read on to view the effects of length on the value of video ads.

A Matter of Time – Many years and studied have established that less is more in television advertising. But YouTube advertising is a different vehicle and what works on TV may not be as effective on YouTube.

Short has been sweet

15 second TV spots are about 75% as effective as 30-second ads

30 Second spots cost 50% more than 15 second TV ads

60 Second spots have declined dramatically

Taking a long hard look at YouTube Ads – Today, people are spending much more time viewing ads on digital channels. Research reveals that longer video ads result in more ad recall and brand favourability

3 minutes was the average length of YouTube ads on the Ads Leaderboard in 2014

That is an increase of nearly 50% from 2013

All of the top YouTube ads from 2014 to 2015 were longer than 60 seconds

Testing the Strength of Length in YouTube Ads – Google partnered with Mondelez and Droga5 to study how the length of video affected key brand lift metrics. To test whether the length of an ad affected viewer response, researchers looked at three Honey Maid ads.

They used the key brand lift metrics of a 15-second ad, 30-second ad, and long form 2-17-minute ad. All three versions focused on the Gomez family’s experience as immigrants in America and their uniting love for family. Each ad length featured a different balance of story, product and brand.

The Long and Short of YouTube Ad Length – Despite dire reports of viewers diminishing attention spans, viewers are wanting and willing to watch longer video ads, as long as they feature a great engaging story. But just as important as engagement is the successful integration of the brand throughout the entire ad. The decision on the length of video should ultimately depend on the brand’s marketing objectives in the long run.

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