Instagram has become one of the most important and powerful marketing channels of our time over the last few years. It’s great for content marketing and paid advertising and, at the same time, for communication and customer service. It has the capacity to drive engagement and better than average ROI.

So, now with all that taken into consideration, lets get into what we believe Instagram will look like in 2019.

Instagram TV will be a big player

Announced and launched back in June, IGTV is the new video platform dedicated exclusively to mobile users. Unlike other platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, IGTV is dedicated to vertical video playback and, therefore, suitable for marketers.

Why vertical? Instagram wants to encourage people to create video content but, at the same time, to do it for mobile and mobile only. There are plenty of big brands on IGTV, as well, SocialChain are producing and distributing a regular podcast. All of its episodes are also being filmed and published afterwards.

Micro-Brands will Dominate the Platform

If you take a look at how Instagram has evolved you will notice something unique on the platform. Being a true social channel, Instagram favours micro brand marketing and, in fact, we have seen quite an explosion of small companies and brands on the platform.

Instagram has always favoured interaction and storytelling, and it is quite different from other news-oriented social media platforms. This is why it has become one of the best content distribution channels for smaller companies.

There are also a lot of companies and brands who act just like media companies. They have created and maintained a large community of followers and fans with whom they share their success and news.

Stories ads – a new kind of vertical advertisement

Over time, Instagram Stories has become one of the most important parts of the platform since its launch. It is great for any day to day users as it enables them to convey their emotions and events to their following throughout a day.

And it is also good for businesses in multiple ways, one being that you are able to get across a behind the scenes look at your company via Instagram Stories much like you can via Snapchat or Facebook Live. And secondly, you are also able to utilise Stories ads. Keep in mind, however, that in order for your ads to convert and give you a great ROI, they need to be top notch in terms of design, look and feel.

So, that was a few prediction on where Instagram could be heading in 2019, I hope you are ready for these updates and trends that are incoming.

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