August 21, 2017

Keywords are one of the many stepping stones for building up your online powerhouse. Without them, your business would be missing out on a load of engagement and website traffic. Researching keywords is an important part of the process and finding the right keywords that suit your business to a T could be the difference in what makes or breaks your website!

Below I have put together a few tips and tricks to help you choose the right kind of keywords to go with your business hand in hand to help your website reach its full potential.


By researching not only your keywords but your competitors too and any other businesses within your field, you not only learn more about which keywords and phrases to target with SEO, but you also learn more about your customers wants and dislikes as a whole!

Improve Relevance

Make sure your keywords are above all else, relevant to the product/services your business sells to help other users find your business easily. Try using key phrases and terms instead of just single worded keywords to help maximise your search result options!

Explore Variations

Use various online tools such as Google Keyword Tool to help find variations of the keywords you have already collated. First, use your chosen tool to find variations of your target keywords (main keywords) then focus on variations of long-tailed key words. Next, use Google and type in your chosen keywords and phrases into the search engine and look underneath at the other search options it gives you. This is just a little something extra to give you the largest list of possible keywords to help push for better website traffic for your website.

Review Your Pages!

Once you have chosen your targeted keywords, it’s time to put them into action. Review your websites source coding by pressing ‘Ctrl and the U button’. Look for each of your ‘Keyword’ section and you’ll notice that there won’t be any or many keywords within this section of your site. Simply fix this by adding the keywords to your website’s code and within each page’s description to further increase your SEO.


Making sure you choose the keywords that best suit your business is the key factor within your research. If certain keywords don’t seem to be working, simply try different ones within its place – trial and error. The better match your keywords are to your business, the more engagement and website traffic you will receive!

Limitless Digital – SEO Specialists