HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer secure) is the secured version of HTTP. Not only does using HTTPS secure your site, It can help boost your SEO rankings. Google sees security as a top priority, they want to ensure they’re not leading users to insecure and potentially dangerous pages. They want to make the internet safer in general which is where giving higher rankings to those using HTTPS comes in.

In order to secure your website HTTPS implements a layer of encryption (a secure socket layer) on top of your regular HTTP protocol, this SSL layer ensures that only you and the server can access the communication and it verifies that you are accessing the server you think you are. Data sent via HTTPS is secures with TLS which adds three layers of protection: Encryption (exchanged data is encrypted and so kept private from possible eavesdroppers), Data integrity (During transfer data cannot be modified or corrupted without it being detected) and authentication (ensures that users are communicating with the website they intended to).

Using HTTPS will also allow you to use AMP pages, which is another way you can boost your SEO ranking. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are very basic trimmed down versions of your regular pages, They designed for mobile first where fast loading content beats design, and because of this google prioritises those pages that use AMP in mobile search results. While you don’t necessarily need HTTPS for AMP pages, there are many features that aren’t supported with HTTP that you will be missing if you decide against it.

It is important that you implement HTTPS on your website, not only to increase your rankings, but to provide your visitors a more secure browsing experience.

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