July 13, 2017

You may be feeling overwhelmed with all the different social media platforms roaming the internet and are wondering which ones you should use to help best promote your business online. One platform that many businesses don’t realise can help them, is Tumblr.

Tumblr was first set up back in 2007 by a man named David Karp. Tumblr is a free microblogging platform that can be a rather powerful tool for spreading awareness regarding your brand. The social media platform serves both as a blog and social network that’s useful for posting and sharing images, video, audio or short pieces of writing.

In fact, Tumblr can be seen as being a bit like Facebook due to its similar qualities but with a few different advantages. One example being that Tumblr blogs can be accessed directly via the web, whereas Facebook content is available only to its users. To put it simply, a lot of Tumblr’s content can be viewed through a search engine such as Google. This, in turn, means that posts made on Tumblr may have a higher chance of its user’s posts being seen by a larger audience. Tumblr’s content gets indexed by search engines and can increase your businesses search visibility.

If your business also uses Facebook, then you can integrate Tumblr posts into your Facebook timeline. Tumblr also offers many free premium blog designs and is one of the most mobile-friendly publishing platforms!

Tumblr has stated that it hosts around 65 million blogs gaining nearly 17 billion page views per month. Tumblr is second to Facebook in terms of engagement when it comes to the average amount of time it’s users spend on their platform.

If your business’s main target audience is aimed at the younger generation, then Tumblr can help you reach out to this age range. Around 50% of its users are aged 25 or younger. Even if a younger audience isn’t what your business is aiming for, Tumblr can help improve your search visibility.

Things to consider when using the social media platform:

Making sure that you follow, like and reblog other users posts that are related to your business is key to engaging your followers. You can also use Tumblr to search for topics and posts that are related to your businesses subject. Find out who publishes the most important, popular and engaging posts regarding these topics and consider following them. This will help you to improve the content of your posts and see how other users engage with their followers.

If you take a few minutes a day to like and reply to Tumblr posts from other people, it will help boost your business’s awareness within the social media site. Why not consider reblogging (sharing posts) other people’s content which will put their post onto your blog with attribution. Make sure to experiment with different types of posts such as; your own photos/videos and links to interesting content you find online to help keep your audience interested.

The more active you are on this platform, the better! This will ensure your followers continue to stay engaged.

The number one thing to keep in mind when using Tumblr is to make sure you use ‘Hashtags’! Hashtags are an important aspect of Tumblr, pay attention to what popular Tumblr bloggers are using within their posts. The more relevant tags you include within your posts the higher the reach your content is going to spread, helping you to reach a larger audience.

Tumblr may take a bit of getting used to, but once you have spent some time looking into the platform the benefits are worth the wait.

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