August 29, 2017

More than 2 billion people are on Facebook, and advertisers collectively spent more than $26 billion on Facebook ads in 2016 to reach that ever-growing audience. And seeing the stats, one can easily assume that the chances of you reaching your target audience through Facebook are pretty high, right? But then you hear from people who say they have spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads without generating any real results.

So, is it worth advertising on Facebook? Are all these numbers pointing to an actual opportunity for your business? The answer is yes – when utilised properly you can reach your target audience on Facebook and prompt them to take the desired action. But the key is in doing it right, in utilising the platform’s many targeting and ad options to maximise your opportunities for success.

1.Set Up Tracking – Before you do anything you need to set up a few things that will give Facebook the data it needs to help deliver your ads to the right people. A good way to start tracking is to install the pixel, the pixel is a line of code that you add to your website so you can measure what people do after they click on your ads. This helps Facebook create audiences from people who already converted or from similar audiences to reach new people. Another thing you can do is to add customer conversions, set up customer conversions to track actions people take on your website and use them to optimise and track your ads.

2.Create Facebook Audiences – Next, you’ll want to set up some “audiences.” These are groups of people that you want to show your ads to. Start by creating customer lists, match customer lists with people on Facebook to create an audience from the matches. Next, you will need to create an audience from the people that go on your website, blog or view specific pages. Next, you will want to create an audience of people who engage with your content and fan page. And finally, you will need to reach people that are likely to be interested in your business because they are similar to people who already are.

3.Brand Awareness Campaigns – Next, you will need to run ads that build your email list, website traffic and fans so in the future, when you run an about your products or services, you’ll have a group of people who are already familiar with. One campaign that you can do is a content marketing campaign so stuff such as blog posts, customer stories, infographics, videos, photos or any other valuable content. Alternatively, you could utilise a relatively new feature known as live video, don’t be afraid to hop in front of the camera and do live videos for your audience. And finally, you can also do carousel posts, which includes you adding a collection of interesting links, images and photos to engage viewers.

4.Conversion Campaigns – In the previous step you built an audience of people who have shown interest in your brand, now it is time to “retarget” those people with ads that encourage them to take the next step and become a customer. Firstly, you need to get people in the door and you will benefit from them. It is perfect for prospects who are ready for 1 on 1 advice, pricing and sales information. Next, giveaways can boost your lists and audience by getting encouraging people to share. Lastly, you should give away premium content, resources and PDFs in exchange for contact information. Your goal from all of this should be to send people to a landing page.

5.Test & Optimise your Campaigns – Make sure that you are continuously measuring ad performance to keep costs down and help maximise your return on investment. One way you can do this is to run multiple ads, it is smart to test multiple designs and ad copy to see which get the best results. Next, you can adjust your budget, you can do this by turning off your underperforming ads and adjust your budget to favour winning campaigns. So, in conclusion, Facebook advertising is a bit more complicated than clicking “Boost Post.” But now you have got a simple, proven framework that you can use for your brick and mortar business to attract new customers through Facebook.

Limitless Digital – SEO Specialists