September 1, 2017

Hello everyone, today this blog will be a bit different rather than giving my top 5 plugins for after effects, or news for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn I am going to give you a tutorial on an area I am massively passionate in, film. More specifically how to get a great cinematic looking video. So, with all of that said let’s get on with it and explain to you how to create a great cinematic looking video.

Play with the Contrast – The first thing to do to your footage is to add some contrast. Film movies naturally have higher contrast than digital video cameras. In Adobe Premiere Pro, use the Fast Colour Corrector or Brightness & Contrast filter to add contrast.

Add Grain – Adding grain is the next effect you can add to make your video look more like film. Just like a photography camera, film cameras using actual film have natural grain. Digital video cameras took out all possibility of having grain so we have to add it in the edit tool. Use the Noise filter in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Add a Vignette – The last necessary effect to add is a vignette. Just like film has a higher contrast than digital video, it also can have a subtle vignette. Add a vignette using the circle effect in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Change the Aspect Ratio – Lastly, many films have a wider aspect ratio than digital cameras shoot. They use the anamorphic 2.35:1 ratio while the standard digital camera shoots a 16×9 frame. Change the aspect ratio of your composition from 1920×1080 to 1920×800 to get this anamorphic look. Make sure you move your video up or down in the frame to get the right look.

So, that was my quick blog on how to make a video look cinematic, I hope you enjoyed it and wait for the next one where I give you a quick tutorial on how to create a city scene all in after effects.

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