November 24, 2017

With more than 500 million active global users there is no denying that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social networks for businesses and professionals alike. When used wisely, LinkedIn can be a great place to not just connect but also build a loyal following for your brand, and that is what I am going to discuss with you today. So here are 3 ways you can boost your LinkedIn following.

1.Grow your network – Just like any other social media channel, LinkedIn is all about the amount of connections you have, or to put it simply networking is the name of the LinkedIn game. You need to begin by connecting with people from your industry – but before you start sending InMail’s and connection requests haphazardly, don’t forget to create a powerful profile and highlight your achievements, these two simple elements can do your LinkedIn presence a world of good.

2.Write on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform – LinkedIn’s publishing platform enables you to post long-form content within LinkedIn itself. It is a great way to promote yourself, your thoughts and your profile – in the current business landscape, content is king, whether you talk about making your brand stand out in the crows or you are looking to create a unique presence for your personal profile.LinkedIn publishing gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts, showcase your industry knowledge and let people know more about yourself and what you offer.

3.Get featured – But it is not enough to write a great post and publish it – in order to maximise the reach and resonance of LinkedIn, you also need to get your content featured on LinkedIn’s Pulse content platform. Pulse showcases the best content published on LinkedIn and includes a range of categories with content handpicked by LinkedIn’s editorial team. The most popular topics are “Productivity”, “Big Ideas & Innovation”, “Leadership & Management”, but there’s a heap more on top of this.

There is no certainty you’ll get all your posts featured – in fact, it is likely only a few will – but to increase the chances you can tweet the LinkedIn Editorial Team. So, get your content on LinkedIn pulse and you’ll see the benefit within a few days.

Limitless Digital – SEO Specialists