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The 15 Benefits of LinkedIn for Business Owners​

Not everybody knows how LinkedIn can benefit them. That is why we will be sharing some insights on this blog for different “profiles.”


Let’s focus in this article on the benefits for people who are looking for new customers, for business owners, account managers, business development managers and anyone else who is in sales, these are the benefits LinkedIn can bring you:


Identifying the right people at a customer or prospect


Receiving Introductions or Referrals to prospects via the introductions tool or outside LinkedIn via a Magic Mail


Receiving referrals too other departments at current customers, prospects or other contacts


Discovering the relationships between your colleagues from the same and other departments and prospects, this could help you avoid the painful situation where a sales person from the same company calls the same prospect or customer without knowing that their colleagues from the same or different department is already in touch with them


Discovering the relationships between customers, prospects and other contacts


Discovering information about prospects and customers which makes the conversations online and offline easier


Maintaining relationships with current customers such as personal contacts, discussions in groups and answering questions in answers


Visibility for you as a sales person and your organisation and personal branding your profile not only on LinkedIn, but also in the search engines like Google, contributions in Answers and Discussions will also aid you


Make yourself be perceived as a LinkedIn expert, contribute in Answers, discussions and come up with expert points


Word of mouth publicity, receiving recommendations and people talking about you is one of the very best things to happen for you on LinkedIn


Gaining recommendations, this is because they are visible to customers and prospects and a written recommendation written by other people which can’t be modified by you, gives people a strong impression.


Picking up trends in the marketplace, discussions in groups of your customers and in your groups of peers


Finding the right groups and organisations to be members of both online and offline via the profiles of people from your network


Getting notifications when someone changes jobs, why? Well, this can be used as a trigger to contact them to see if you can be a supplier to their new organisation


Getting notifications when your customers link with sales reps from a company that offers the same products or services as yours


I hope this blog was informative and you learnt something today, if you are ever in need of any LinkedIn training or to be shown how to create an expert LinkedIn profile then contact Limitless today at 01302 590 050 or visit our website.



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