February 17, 2017

During the ever-growing power of social media, there is little time to be stressing about getting pieces of content posted on any of the social platforms out there. The requirements to schedule posts of content in advance has never been any more crucial to all sizes of businesses in a broad spectrum of industries. Scheduling flexibility is the holy grail of social media in the present day & scheduling a vast range of media content to the main 3 platform giants of Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn is essential.

We will start off with the competitor which is the popular HootSuite, it was successful because you had the flexibility to manually create and post content on multiple social media accounts. A revolutionary option was the auto scheduler which gives HootSuite the control of your planned schedule that you have manually created yourself for it take control of the posting to accounts.However a downside to posting to twitter for Hootsuite is that you can’t add an image attachment with the tweet only a link on the tweet to the image and this has a negative impact on your engagement within your followers stream, as Twitter itself reports that image tweets are on average getting up to 35% more retweets.This is critical as social media now is all about the visuals and you could miss out on potential customers just through not having an image with a facebook post or a tweet!

In addition, Hootsuite has different pricing options depending on what you use & how many updates you are downloading etc. Now to break this all down Hootsuite is still popular for most businesses today, you can still upload new content & fill your Hootsuite queue frequently. It major benefits if you have a rather large social media team which allows you to assign different tasks to different users like the project management tool Teamwork does. Engaging with customers on social posts is a feature within Hootsuite itself without having to go on Facebook or Twitter, however, you can’t share more than one social media post at the same time. Now the major downfall of Hootsuite is when you upload an update post to any social media platform you are connected to it will be deleted from your upload lists & then your queue of posts ready to be scheduled once they have been posted you have to add new content to your social media platforms all over again.

Now, are you ready to learn about the crucial key features that MeetEdgar has up on its rival? All your post creation gets saved into categories within a library meaning all your posts for your different social media accounts will be saved and not deleted even after you’ve posted! The different categories mean you can just keep adding content & content and it will never be lost! Because you can drag and drop content into different categories scheduling is a cake walk, giving you the freedom to schedule the posts to be posted at any time and once scheduled it will repeat this and post a different post within the same category giving you ultimate organisation. The best bit about this feature is that MeetEdgar does not limit the number of posts & updates you can store & save within the library.

How much you want to store into your library is completely up to you! It’s a fantastic foundation to build upon, create more & more content for every social media account you have with no limitations whatsoever, meanwhile Hootsuite limits the amount of content you can upload to your queue at one time regardless what plan you are on. Furthermore, the more content you add above your limit on Hootsuite you will have to pay more, MeetEdgar understands this issue and gives you unlimited content uploads, perfect!

One massive advantage for MeetEdgar that unlike Hootsuite you can upload content to queues of every business social media account you have on each social media platform you have at once whether its Facebook Twitter & LinkedIn, MeetEdgar will post on all of them at the same time that you have selected for the post schedule. Your problems are over, basically, this means that MeetEdgar will post your content at the times you have selected & then the social media tool will post out what you want and where you want it!

The true beauty of MeetEdgar is that you can post out previously posted content as it automatically refills the queue for the category that is ready to be posted out onto the different accounts, This is crucial because repeating your best post content is ensuring that your followers and potentially new customers see the posts & can be shared more than once and this provides consistency in your content with randomised content from your endless categories. In addition, this beats the frustration of continually writing the same post for advance scheduling and with all your content stored safely you don’t need to worry about new updates just simply add to the ever growing library of content.

Simplicity is MeetEdgar’s aim, the user interface is simple to use and is well organised with accounts, library, queue, categories and schedules all on separate pages of the social media tool, which focuses on a very smooth and easy to use platform that allows users of all skills & experiences to use. I’m not lying all you do is write up your tweet in the box with a link to a website, attach an image, now to organise this post all you do is select what category the post is in for scheduling & then select the social media account you want to post it on.. simple.

MeetEdgars pricing is simple as with one price you get ALL the features with no extra cost or add-ons required. The difference is obvious, Hootsuite has a complexed pricing plan without the freedom of all the features and bulk uploads.

Overall with the ability to sort posts of content into categories & the feature to create a customised automatic posting schedule is where MeetEdgar has shifted the social media balance of power!

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