The Impact of creative graphics in social media & digital marketing

November 9, 2017
The Impact of creative graphics in social media & digital marketing

Using graphics designs on websites and social media is a key part of digital marketing. Logos, banners, advertising and many other digital marketing strategies are made with some elements if not mostly graphic designed features. All over social media, you will see thousands of logos and adverts all created with a purpose for digital marketing; it is a way to get a business/company noticed so as a graphics designer it’s important to create a logo or advertisement that makes an impact on the population that use social media. Without graphic designs included in digital marketing people would not be as drawn to adverts they see popping up all over sites like Facebook, Twitter Instagram.

As a graphics designer, when I am in the process of creating a logo or branding a companies advertisements I focus on making it look different in comparison to other companies in the same area of work. I do this because people on social media won’t take as much notice to brands that have the same feel to it as every other company, so making something out of the norm or at least a different variant of the logos already created will surely bring more attention to itself and in turn impacting more as a social media digital marketing element.

The point of digital marketing is to make an impact on the public so if companies focus more on what people will be drawn to rather than what the company feels is “correct” for their area of work. To me a graphics design is only right if it gets noticed by the public rather than what suits the business area, ultimately digital marketing is using social media and the internet to market and get a business noticed, so why stick to a norm if you can stand out and make something amazing that still works?

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