January 3, 2018

Graphics designers work in different ways, some stay within a business working for a company on a wage and others are self-employed, traveling around to different jobs for various companies in need of a creative mind. Often designers will be studio based on drafting tables, a computer with the software needed and other equipment surrounding them to do their job.

Working within a digital advertising agency will include working and co-operating with a team, most likely focused on social media and SEO (search engine optimization). The reason for this is that graphics designers can add keywords on imagery to help boost SEO assisting the digital marketing team. Adding keywords on to designs that go on to social media is a fantastic way to boost SEO as well. Some digital marketing companies also include video marketing.

Away from the studio, graphics designers will travel to different clients and attend meetings to talk about what a company wants out of the designer. This sort of meeting will include things like re-branding strategies, web design changes, logo creation or any advertising a company would want to create.

Big companies will pay a vast amount of money to have graphics created for them. LinkedIn is a fantastic way of finding people who need a graphics designer. A lot of marketing agencies will have a LinkedIn expert or profile expert to find what they are looking for whether that be a potential hiring opportunity or just a one-time deal for a designer to do a specific job. LinkedIn would be a great ally for a self-employed graphics designer to find digital marketing agencies.

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