November 25, 2017

The responsibilities are the same whether you are working as a freelance graphics designer or employed. Meeting with clients is obviously a top priority as this will be the first point of call to find out what the client wants from you in person and in as much detail as possible. Meetings allow a designer to throw ideas out there from the get-go to discover what sort of feel the client wants. Futuristic, country, simplified etc. are all genres of styles that pop up within the industry for social media and digital marketing in general. These are the ones defining a line between whether a client wants to stick to their routes and their upbringing or whether they want to move a step ahead of the game and go for a futuristic outlook to a design or logo. This will fit into the design brief. Another key part is to analyze the cost and time of a project and where it will feature such as a web design, t-shirts, digital advertising and video production/marketing.

Presenting final ideas to a client.

Make sure there is a wide selection for them to choose them, it means you have a higher chance the client will settle on a favourite and it also means you don’t have to return to the drawing board disappointed. Remember clients can be extremely picky. Refine your work… there’s a difference between finished and refined, it shows you are willing to go that bit extra to make sure it looks as good as possible. It will fall to you to chase up printers, photographers (if necessary) and other assets that are needed or take part in the process.

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