September 13, 2017

With any digital marketing plan of action, having the best tools within your artillery is the key to success. But choosing those tools can be a tricky task. Google My Business is a free to use digital marketing tool that can be quite beneficial in gaining you extra recognition.

To help you decide whether Google My Business is the right tool for your business, I have compiled a list of benefits for using the free to use tool.

Cost Efficient

Due to GMB being a free to use, this tool is highly cost effective and lists you within the rankings and search results of the world’s most powerful search engine… Google. Your GMB listing will give potential clients/customers easy access through to your business’s site! Also, your GMB gives your audience a sneak peek into what your business can provide for them by showing them things like your business hours, review ratings, contact details and address.

Direct Contact

GMB also allows your audience to contact you with a simple click of a button. They can do this by clicking on your phone number, email address or ‘Message’ options that are being shown to them when they see your business’s profile. This makes it extremely efficient for potential future customers who have any questions or queries regarding your business.

Online Visibility

As previously stated, GMB advertises your business within its search results and helps to clearly inform the user about your business before going onto your website. The tool also helps to boost your business’s online presence and keep you in the limelight.


Simple yet effective, GMB shows your potential future customers where exactly your business is based so that they can find you easily. The tool also brings up your location and directions within Google maps. Your business will also appear within Google maps for everyone to see ones all your location details have been filled out.

Inside View

This tool also acts as a kind of window into your business. You can upload imagery and 360° views to GMB so your audience can view your business easily. The imagery also helps give them a view of what your business is about.


GMB is free to use and will help get your business that bit more engagement and recognition. Without a penny to spend, why not give it a try?

Limitless Digital – SEO Specialists