August 20, 2017

With well over 1.5 Billion social media users worldwide it can be hard to get yourself noticed amongst the sea of accounts you have to overcome to surface from below. Some marketing tools to help boost your social networking engagement can be on the pricey side. So, I have put together below a few free tricks for helping you to swim to the surface and get yourself noticed without spending a penny!

Respond to Comments

Show that you are an actual person behind the screen and not just a brand for people to view as they please. Make the effort to respond to each one of your customer’s comments and questions to let them know that their opinions matter to you and your business. This simple action will not only gain you more engagement, but could also possibly gain you more customers!


When creating content for each of your social media accounts, make sure to link up your other sites using URL’s. This will give your followers the chance to check out your other social accounts and boost your engagement for each account.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask!

Your followers are there to help you as you are there to help them. Don’t be afraid to ask them anything regarding your business. Ask them how they think you could improve or even if they have any ideas. This will help you tailor content to suit your target audience better and help to increase your engagement in the long run! Taking on advice from others is key if you want to excel within the business world.

Be Visual

Posting regularly on each of your social media channels is another free way to help you boost further engagement and help you to gain more of an uproar around your products/services and business!

Another idea you could use is via the use of polls like the ones on Twitter. Ask your audience for opinions of products/services you provide, what subjects they’d like to see more of within your feed etc. Your target audience should be the key focal point around your social accounts and marketing plan, use them!


When used strategically, social media can be a huge benefit to any business’s marketing plan and can be used to drive a large amount of traffic through to your business site and help to increase sales. There are plenty of free solutions out there that can easily help you make the climb to the top and boost your engagement. Why spend your monthly budget when you can do it for free!

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