November 7, 2017

Let’s break up the cracks here, social media marketing is a crucial marketing channel, however, a lot of businesses approach social media marketing from the completely wrong angle. Remember rather than just having a social media presence you need it to be effective and creative. Pumping out content of quality rather than just the quantity is the core of the blueprint.

Social media marketing needs to be distributed and broadcasted to the correct audience you are aiming for, otherwise, the results and success will be minimal at best. Social media operates on the same purpose as television advertisements, radio spots, posters, banner ads and brochures.

To create a successful social media marketing campaign there many techniques that need to be applied.

Plan a research session to learn how social media can be effective for you and your business. It’s quite simple to pick up and it won’t overcomplicate you or your staff when it comes to creating a social media marketing campaign. Research is a crucial action plan you must undertake as you need to know what will work for your business when it comes to social media. Different strategies will need to be put in place depending on the business type you are. Target audience needs to be addressed before you go ahead with the social media marketing campaign. It’s important to collect as much content as you can from your business if that’s videos, photos or blogs. Then the step afterwards is tailoring this content to specific goals and objectives of your business.

Track and measure everything you do when it comes to the social media marketing campaign. You need to lay out clear goals and benchmark them to analyse if the social media content in the campaign is paying off. Tracking and measuring every social media platform is a great way to optimise the content and build to develop a strong successful social media marketing campaign.

Automation done properly is smart automation, increasing your efficiency is crucial during the social media campaign as you can then dedicate time to replying and engaging with customers while also creating social media content for future posts. However, you do not want to be spammy and create promotional offers that get blasted out all day long. Always make sure you push out content across all social media platforms. Using HootSuite, MeetEdgar and Buffer are the perfect social media automaSpecialistsare.

You MUST engage with your audience when you see comments on your social media content. End of the day you can’t just post and walk away. Filling up your social media profiles is one thing but you need to let your customers know you are there willing to help them and not become a robot.

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