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Based in Doncaster Limitless Digital website designers have been helping local and national companies improve the websites. Since the start of the internet up until the present day, more and more people have been putting their businesses and products online. The digital market has therefore been growing a lot over the past decade, this has therefore increased the number of websites being created dramatically.


Did you know there are over 1 billion websites created to date?


Making sure your website stands out from the crowd is key when trying to obtain a higher click-through rate, which in turn could increase your clientele and the amount of online sales made through your website. Although an embossed website may look professional, this does not mean that your business can benefit from this. A website needs all its components to work not just its aesthetics. A well-built website will generate better customer traffic and can increase your customer conversions.


Navigation – having an easy to follow navigation system will make it much easier for your target market to manage their way through your website.  This enables them to access information easier and leaves them with a good impression of your business, as this will show your company as organised.  


Content – this is a simple act although you would be surprised how many people don't get their content to a T! Having content on your website that is all relevant to your business and/or products, is key to good brand position and promise.


The amount of audience is not going to be interested and may click off your web page. Making the message short and to the point will make it much easier on the eyes, and will make the information easier for your readers to remember.  


A web designer will be able to organise and make use of the space on each page of your website. They will usually add a few images related to your content for better aesthetics.


Brand Consistency – If your business/company has a logo, here's where you can put it to use! Having your logo placed appropriately on each of your website's pages and menus, will keep your site consistent and looking professional. If you send out letters, emails, flyers etc. to your customers/clients that include your companies logo, then having a website with your brand logo carried over will make your users feel more comfortable and trusting of your website.


Aesthetics – As I stated previously, the looks of the website are not as important as the technical side of things. But having a plain website won't bring in a lot of customers either... After making sure your website works and runs smoothly, comes the fun part. Choosing your website's theme and colours.


Making sure the themes you choose, or a web designer chooses, for your website is an important part as this will affect how people view your business. Spend time choosing appropriate themes that compliment each other and preferably relate to your companies logo.



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