September 26, 2017

Graphic design is the aspect of digital marketing that helps to sell your brand and business. It can be what basically makes or breaks your business. Whether you are creating content for your website or social media, you want to make sure that what is put in front of your audience is relatable and unique as to draw them into your content for a closer look at your business.

To help you out with creating unique designs, I have put together below a brief list of tips and tricks to help you break the mould with your businesses’ graphic design.

Get Moody with a Mood Board!

Before starting a new design, why not start by creating a simple mood board. Having an array of images and colour concepts will help you in your quest to creating out of this world content. But even the best designs have got to start off somewhere.

Respect the Space!

The first thing another user doesn’t want to see is a confusing design with too much going on… respect the space! Give each piece of text and/or imagery a chance to breathe. Through this method, you can help put a certain component of the design as the main focal point by making it bigger than anything else on the page and changing the spacing.

Be Creative with Colour

Colour can either be your worst or best nightmare. Getting the correct colour schemes and patterns comes down to experience and what you think looks best. Make the designs to suit your company’s logo and company theme. Take ideas from your branding and keep it consistent to help keep up a professional image.


Choosing the right font that better fits your branding could take a bit of time, but once the right font is chosen, it will help to once again, keep your branding consistent and keep up your professional image!


A simple yet effective tip to have, why not try improving the alignment a by adding a few bold lines here and there. Lines shapes and objects can be integrated into a design to really help the text and other elements pop.


Above all else, your best weapon in your artillery will be your creativity! Make your designs unique! The more unique and creative you get with each design, the better that chances of your content actually catching the eye of your target audience will be.

Keep a Notebook at Hand!

Why a notebook you may ask? Well simple really. Have you ever been listening to music or travelling somewhere and a sudden idea worms its way into your brain? Jot them down on paper to help you remember them! You never know, the spontaneous ideas you have might just be the icing on the cake that you need to finish off a design.


Don’t be afraid to go off the scale and create something that is bonkers as originality plays a huge role within any successful graphic design content. Put your own unique spin to things and create something no one else has had the guts to create! At the end of the day, graphic design is about experimentation.

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