With more than 300 million daily users, Instagram Stories is becoming one of the go to social media content types for brands. Stories are more relevant than ever, and the growth has propelled more users to demand content in short bursts, changing how brands are crafting their content strategies. Here are three creative ways have been able to leverage Stories as part of their social strategies.


Retail brands in particular have successfully leveraged Instagram Stories for product launches and sales announcements. Converse announced the roll out of a new shoe collaboration via Stories as an extension of its Instagram feed post. The launch was colourful, exciting, and very unique, which felt like a breath of fresh air from the constant rinse and repeat strategy others have applied.


Who doesn’t love a good contest? While they are becoming more and more popular for brands to use on Instagram, it is the revel that makes all the difference. The online retailer Chumbak has successfully utilised Stories for its monthly giveaways in one continuous fun and engaging thread – from announcing the contest prior to the launch and providing details, to hosting the entire contest on Stories or via the Instagram Live feature. This strategy allows the retailer to focus all fun activities on its Instagram Stories and use the feed solely for product features and highlights.

Polls and Hashtags

In October 2017, Instagram launched a feature that allows users to add interactive polls to their Stories. This feature adds a layer of fun options brands can leverage to engage with audiences and hear their thoughts on any and all topics. Airbnb used this tool to engage with its audience during November’s Travel Tuesday, letting followers test their knowledge and interact with the brand in a new way.

So, there was a few ways that you are able to be creative with your Instagram Stories, will you be using them this year?

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